Style Story 

Style Story 

Hey there!

So I’m starting something on here where you guys get to share your style story with me and everyone out there as an average Nigerian fashionista.

This is Damilola Adegbamigbe’s story; she isa fashion designer and also sells fabrics for aso-ebi and other events. I hope you all share yours too.

“As an average Nigerian girl I describe my own kind of fashion with three different words Neat , dapper and modest.

 As a female I see modesty in all my attires as the key factor before I purchase anything. The struggles I face are the prices of most fashionable items they are either too expensive or too common.

I like to stand out. My fashion icon is Janelle Monae. Most times I make my dresses. Nature, instagram and girls around the globe inspire my style.

Most times when I wake up and don’t know what to wear, I just turn my phone on check instagram and just copy some dress code and look in my wardrobe merge what I saw on instagram with d outfits in my wardrobe and I get a perfect pick for the day.

As an average Nigerian girl I see so many types of dresses online and m like oh I love this oh I want this. But the reaction on my face when I get to see the price is just so bad like WOW!! Its dis expensive. And the affordable ones get sold out easily, because trust we naija babes na we like awuff .. lol looking good is one thing having the money to look good is another also theres a struggle with the make up bag and shoe to go with every dress. E no dey easy at all.

A lot of people love the dresses I make and the styles I create. . Sometimes I copy other’s people style or replace it with something.


The main key to adjusting with peer pressure when it comes to clothing is contentment. When I see other female friends with really nice outfits I just say to myself in my heart ” Ada bia fine things no dey finish for market o’ I do not buy expensive stuffs the highest I’ve ever spent on any clothing is 10000 naira, because I believe you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good. Looking good depends on your own sense of style.

So be creative when it comes to clothing and beauty.”

You guys can go check her Instagram page or call to order your fabrics; @thefabric_shop/ 07012756840.

LoveandKisses from TANG.

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