Work Outfit- White Shirt

Work Outfit- White Shirt

White shirt (3)

It’s just a normal Monday at work but I feel like I should still be in bed, sometimes I think I’m not made for this Planet Earth because Planet Chill is kinda my thing you know LOL, don’t mind me & my usual lazy girl bants.

Talking about work though, we are back to my work outfit series and this time I’m featuring the classic white shirt and how you can style it in a simple way.

So we all know that not owning a white shirt in a corporate environment is kind of like an office crime… just kidding… but it’s highly essential to have at least one nice white shirt either you are working or not. I’m not really a fan of the color white but I try to have the essential things because I would always find a way to make them work & apart from that, the white shirt is an exception to my general dislike of white stuffs. You can rock your white shirt in so many ways and that’s the fun of it, I previously rocked my long white shirt in the plain old white & black combo here.

With this look, I paired the white shirt on my favorite light-shade denim pants (remember I said my workplace is a bit flexible so I can wear denim from Thursday) and added a jacket to the mix. I got the jacket at a miserly price of 100 Naira (yeah that’s right, two zeros) during one of my retro shopping trips. Although it was far bigger than my size, I loved the embroidery details on the shoulder lines and I gave it a makeover at my tailor’s place; cut the sleeves off & fitted it to my size. Although the jacket is still big, I like the way it looks on body-fitting pieces.

I’ve always planned to wear the jacket with some other outfit but last minute change of plans and I think it came out well with the white shirt. Still on the lookout for other ways to style it though so if you have any ideas for me, kindly drop them in the comment box. Pardon the state of the jacket, the material gets rough quickly & there was no light to re-iron.

White shirt (4)

White shirt (8)

White shirt (6)

White shirt (9)

White shirt (5)

In case you missed the other posts in the series, you can catch up on them here and here.

I’m working on the color-block series next and I’d like to know what colors you would love to see in a mix and match outfit, kindly give this baby girl some ideas too, thanks!

P.S. I’m looking for really cool places to take my pictures in Lagos, if you have any pointers, please ‘epp’ me.

Have a great week guys!

LoveandKisses from TANG.




0 thoughts on “Work Outfit- White Shirt

  1. I like the idea of adding a white classic shirt to any outfit. You can’t go wrong with this one. Hope I will be able to find a job in a place where I can dress jeans like on a Friday. Super cool outfit 🙂

  2. Hey Wumi. A white shirt is definitely a must have whether you are a working girl or not. Its a versatile piece, can be dressed down or up. And check you out luv, loving the ensemble. That is a proper cute jacket by the way. You look very chic. I bet you , all eyes were on you at the office, wink wink.x

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