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Hello there, how is your week going? Last week I shared my lazy work outfits but in this post and subsequent ones, I would be sharing my work outfit essentials.

If you work in a corporate organisation, you would know the importance of owning a pair of suit. Apart from the business-like look it gives, it makes you look confident and efficient, that is if you can rock it well so I think it’s a really essential piece to own.

Although, because my office is a bit relaxed, I can afford to play around with my outfits, in this case, I couldn’t find the belt of the suit so I just used the belt of my blush-colored jumpsuit and even though it looked weird, I still didn’t care.

This tweed suit is the only pair of suit I love (I have a black one but it’s bleh!) mostly because the skirt is a little bit flirty with the two high slits at the back, the fitting and also because of the neutral color. I always have fun choosing what color to pair it with every time but this time I chose a similarly neutral tone as I paired it with my blush pumps but my red&black office bag did the pop thing for me. I particularly love this bag for work because of its durability, it’s my everyday work bag which is funny because of the color but I actually do not own a plain black office bag.

You have probably noticed that accessories aren’t really my thing but if I see any I like, I always over use them LOL so for work I mostly keep it down to just my wristwatch and earrings (most times I remove the earrings during work and misplace them sigh). This time though, I added a little black choker.






What do you think about suits generally, are you a fan or would you rather just wear a blazer?

Two-piece suit- Nine West

Shoes- Thrifted

Bag- Thrifted

LoveandKisses from TANG



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  1. Well I really don’t know much about skirt suits, but one thing I know is you’re stunning…
    Nice job ma

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