With Love From Fishtails

Holla Holla people! How’s your week going? Officially, today marks 3 years that I registered on WordPress but I’m not marking that anniversary because I restarted this blog again this year.

Today’s post has been making Nicki Minaj’s ‘Feeling Myself’ play over and over in my head, probably because I’m wearing a skirt I love so much. LOL!
Remember this fishtail midi mullet skirt I wore on my birthday? I posted it here and that time, I more or less just stuck with the colour pink throughout.

Well, I re-rocked it today in a style I’ve always thought of in my head, a very different way from the other time. (You have a rule against repeating? I break the rule all the time LOL)

Although I’ve worn it to church once after my birthday, I still consider it a very regal Ankara skirt. Oh, In case you missed that post, it is an Ankara skirt and y’all know how much I love my Ankara prints.

The fishtail design on this skirt is everything and it saves me from accessorizing too much (I’m not that crazy about accessories). I’m so glad I picked this mullet style for the skirt.

The last time, I paired it with a white blouse and I knew I had to do more this time. There’s something about black and white that never gets old and then mixed with patterns, an awesome combination! You are not doing too much but still letting people know you can get creative with the normal plain black and white.

So I leaned a bit into the law look today (Tolu don’t come at me please ?) with my own version of black sweater and white shirt and I think Lawyers should have more fun with their outfits, I mean, not everytime boring combination. Lol.

 White jelly bag because I couldn’t think of how else to accentuate the white shirt and because New Look makes the best Jelly bags too.

Black pumps because it’s Tuesday and these are my office shoes LOL.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

LoveandKisses from TANG

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  1. You are so pretty!! I love that skirt and I think I’m stealing the design.
    I also restarted my blog, check it out sometime.

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