Weekend Wear- Blazer X Denim


As we are in the jacket/sweatshirt/blazer season, my outfits have been basically anything with a jacket on top. This is a quick weekend wear inspiration for your outings this weekend

Blazer, shirt and denim are basics that would come through for you anytime and if you can go for colors why not? You might remember my oversize red blazer from this post last year and this one when I tried the socks on heels look for the first time. It is a piece I don’t regret buying, big shout-out to my mum for picking it out for me at a sale. The collar makes it easier for me to pair with shirts because low-key double collars can be somehow for me (I honestly don’t know why I feel that way).

My distressed denim from this look is my second favorite pair of jeans  and I love how it suits almost anything. Paired with a sleeveless blue checkered and blue heels, I tried to go monotone with a pop of color (not that monotone I guess if you take into account the grey clutch LOL). I honestly miss my crotchet braids and I cannot wait to rock them again.










What do you think guys? Kindly drop your comments.

Have a fabulous weekend & don’t forget to check Stylevitae.com on Sunday for my weekly post.

Jacket– Thrifted

Shirt– @thethriftstoreng (Instagram)

Jeans– Thrifted

Clutch– Thrifted

Shoes– Rebel (Konga.com)

LoveandKisses from TANG

23 thoughts on “Weekend Wear- Blazer X Denim

  1. Get it girl! You look totally Badass, like the second picture is saying ”I dare you to mess with me” I really love attitude shown in pictures not just cute poses and you slayed. Love how you put the entire outfit together, it’s something I definitely will wear. Have a lovely weekend dear.


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