Weekend- Lagos Bloggers Brunch

Weekend- Lagos Bloggers Brunch


Hello, how was your week. This is a quick one about what last weekend was like for me. I attended my first event as a blogger and I must say, it was different for me.

It was a gathering of fashion, style, lifestyle and beauty bloggers in Lagos hence the name “Lagos Bloggers Brunch” and it was hosted by Dee of deemako.com at Davinci Fashion Lounge, ikoyi. My friend (Tolu) actually mentioned me on Dee’s page on Instagram and I saw the post, figured it is an opportunity to learn about this blogging life that I am just freestyling with and also interact with other bloggers. I only interact with just a few bloggers so It was a good opportunity as I met and discussed with some of the bloggers, few of which I already knew.

One thing got me from the conversations I had and the stories some of them shared: They are so passionate about what they do and I got more inspired because even though sometimes I feel like I am not putting enough effort and maybe that is why my stats are low sometimes, I am encouraged to keep pushing because all it takes is passion, determination and the grace of God.

I learned a lot of things especially about the one thing that has been giving me problems; Better Picture Quality. Although Cassie already gave me a few tips that were very helpful. Yes I finally met Cassie (Hey Sugar!).

bloggers B2

bloggers B3

The highlight of the event for me was the goody bag from Zaron, I mean I am not that good with make-up but I try so getting their products is a plus for me (I already love most of them), I also got gift items from African Things. I particularly liked the Cointreau cocktails that were served, perfect for that Saturday weather. Oh, not to forget the finger foods too! I’m sure you already know that I enjoyed myself despite spending almost 3hours in traffic from my area to Ikoyi.

bloggers B



What I Wore

Waterfall Blazer– Had this jacket for a while now and I have been wearing it to work but I have always used a belt on it because it has a belt hole. This time I decided not to.

Black and White Hounds-tooth skater skirt– One of my special skirts, I also have the red that I wore in this post. Although, I did not buy them together, I have realized that I have a special spot in my heart for hounds-tooth pattern. Red inner to get in the Christmas spirit, remember I talked about easing into the season’s colours here. Black and red sneakers because the dress code said ‘rep your brand’ or so, and you guys know I am a sneaker girl. LOL. I just tried to keep the look comfortable, fun and a little flirty (the pantyhose on the short skirt) which is basically my type of look any day.




Anyway, I have been inspired so TANG is here to stay and I am working on a lot of things to keep you guys here with me, Stay with me pretty please. Thank you

Have a fabulous weekend guys and try to get your groove on, it’s almost Christmas!

Photocredit- Cassiedaves

LoveandKisses from TANG.

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