Wedding Outfits- What & What-Not To Wear

Wedding Outfits- What & What-Not To Wear

With the trend of guests slaying their wedding outfits rising rapidly, it is essential to not lose focus of what you should or should not wear.

Nigerian Blogger Wumi Tuase Wedding outfit Wheeniey Ahupa

It’s always wedding season in Nigeria, my Naija people love to turn up! We also love our fashion. Either you buy the asoebi or not, you still have to make a stylish appearance. There is so much unnecessary pressure to sew eye-catching outfits and it often leads to many people making a faux-pas with their wedding outfits. In this post, I’m talking about the best dress for the wedding guest if it’s a themed wedding and little points on the what-nots on wedding outfits.

What Not to Wear

Don’t wear white– Especially the ‘Slay Mama’ type of dresses in white. Long flowing dresses in white is a bit disrespectful to the bride. Aunty, is it your wedding?

Stick to the dress code/color– Even if you are crashing the wedding party, your wedding guest outfit should respect the wedding dress code and color. Don’t wear a traditional attire to a Black-tie themed wedding. Or come in bright red when the color is gold. SMH.

Avoid the raunchy look– Avoid making your outfits too loud, too bright, too anything. Some people purposely make their wedding outfits short, tight & bright colored. Even though you are going there to catch ‘fish’, looking trashy would only attract the wrong type of men. Oh, and those long dresses that have their slits up to your throat? Take a chill pill & look responsible.

Make an effort– If I see any guy wearing shorts to my wedding, you will be bounced. I am saying don’t overdo but still make an effort to look good. You will probably ruin all the slay pictures looking like you just rolled out of bed. The last wedding I attended, there was a lady in slippers, with scattered hair and let me just stop there.

Wear comfortable shoes– This is highly important especially if you are a turn-up queen like me. Most wedding ceremonies now have after parties for their guests & it’s going to be on a dancing groove all night. Don’t break your neck in the name of fashion.

Nigerian fashion blogger Wumi Tuase Wedding guest outfit

What to Wear

Depending on the theme and dress code of the wedding, as a guest, your wedding outfit should be classy & beautiful. If you like structured, simple and elegant pieces, then this Wheeniey Ahupa Bella dress is perfect for you. That’s a direct sub to everyone because you should want to look sophisticated for your outings.

The Bella dress comes in a variety of color but what impressed me about the dress is the fabric. I’m very particular about fabrics because I like clothes that will last a long time. This dress is a total classic! The color is perfect and it feels so lush on my body. The drop waist flare detail is the highlight of the dress. It’s perfectly structured, stretchy and the finishing is all that

This dress is also quite versatile, it can be worn to church, a date and even selected casual outings. I styled it with this gorgeous statement fascinator and my current favorite shoes for a color contrast. This look is suitable for an English-themed wedding or to Church. I also styled it with metallic platform brogues and a character purse for the casual look. Also, because I wanted to satisfy the street style lover in me LOL.

Nigerian Blogger Wumi Tuase Wedding outfits Wheeniey Ahupa

Nigerian fashion blogger Wumi Tuase Wedding outfits fascinator

Nigerian Blogger Wumi Tuase Wedding outfits Wheeniey Ahupa

Nigerian Blogger Wumi Tuase Wedding outfits Wheeniey Ahupa

Nigerian Blogger Wumi Tuase Wedding outfits Wheeniey Ahupa

Nigerian Blogger Wumi Tuase Wedding outfits Wheeniey Ahupa

Nigerian Blogger Wumi Tuase Wedding outfits Wheeniey Ahupa

Nigerian Blogger Wumi Tuase Wedding outfits Wheeniey Ahupa

The Bella dress costs N8,900 (Eight thousand, nine hundred naira) and I promise you, it’s worth every Naira you’ll spend on it. Send a direct message to Wheeniey Ahupa to get yours, tell them Wumi sent you.

Outfit Details

Dress- Wheeniey Ahupa// Both Shoes- ThriftStoreNG// Fascinator- TianahSignatures// Photos- Manvibess

I lost a friend some days back. Today would have marked her 6 month wedding anniversary. Rest In Peace Onyema. You are forever in my heart.

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