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Happy new week everyone. Hope you had a good weekend.

So I attended a former classmate’s wedding in Ibadan over the weekend and it was a mini reunion for us.


I couldn’t buy the ‘aso-ebi’ (selected uniform fabric) for the wedding as I wasn’t sure I would attend but I made up my mind last week. I mostly never make up my mind about these things until the last minute, remember my post about ‘what to wear to parties when you don’t have the aso-ebi’? Well this is similar as I had my friend (the one who made that lovely sexy prom dress I wore here) make something in the same chosen colour for me. That was a bit hard because she was swamped with work so I had to design a simple two-piece along with her. I had seen something similar on her so I just made some changes to suit my own style. Long story short, she did not get the time to make my dress until Thursday night/Friday morning, I had to go stay with her so she could finish up my friend’s own too. She was so stressed out, I started feeling bad for dumping it on her at the last minute.

I had the worst vision for this outfit, trust me, I didn’t even think it would come out looking nice.

The colours chosen were Teal and Peach so I paired the outfit with peach neck beads and shoes, complete with a silver clutch purse borrowed from my mum

I turned up twinning with my friend, who by the way is responsible for that fabulous face-beat you see (she was so patient with me despite all my wahala).

I also admired some of my old school mates and what they sewed with their own fabrics.

Two-piece: Be_u_by_lade

Shoes: Select

Makeup: Makeupbykharey

You can check their pages out on Instagram @be_u_by_lade and @makeupbykharey

Have a great week ahead!

LoveandKisses from TANG

14 thoughts on “Wedding Guest

  1. You slayed the looks, I must say. I spotted you as you walked in with your friend. Your dimples were too cute for you to go unnoticed. Was going to comment on your dress and start up a conversation from there but you were caught up with taking numerous shots with friends and I didn’t want to interrupt. I left Tafo Arena earlier than planned and couldn’t get to have a chat with you. Was looking through BN only to see your pic on there. Did some research and found out you’ve got a blog. Keep up the good work. It’s rare to find a good looking girl with brains these days. You’ve got both on point. Hopefully, we’ll get to chat someday.

  2. Your material is nicer than the asoebi sef!! Lol, I lovee your design, came out amazing!! You look so cute urhh

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