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Two Piece Denim


It’s Friyaaaaay!!!! I’m super excited about this weekend because one of my favorite girls is getting married so I’m getting ready to dance till I drop! Okay so let’s talk about this gorgeous two-piece I’m dropping for you all as a weekend inspiration.

You really can never have too much denim so when the team over at Romwe asked me to pick an outfit, I went for this two-piece because it is a win-win for me; I am a two-piece lover, you can probably see that from some of my posts and then it’s denim!! (albeit a light and stretchy one).

The first thing that got me when I received this outfit (under three weeks of my order), was the quality, even my mum had to commend it, it’s light and yet doesn’t feel fragile like it can rip easily. Although I picked a small size, it was still slightly big for me so I held it a bit. I like that you can also glam it up with heels (I tried that but the pictures didn’t come out very nice) and also casual it up (not sure if that’s a correct phrase LOL) the way I did here with my white shoes from this post, leather jacket in case it gets cold and this neck piece for some edge.

I think when people ask me what my style is, I should be able to tell them it’s majorly street style because that is mostly what I seem to be serving you guys eh?









So what’s your plan for the weekend? Do you own any two-piece denim set? How would you rock yours?


Two-piece||Romwe (sold out, Get similar ones here). Shoes||New Chic. Jacket||H&M. Neck piece||New Chic. Photos||Tunde (@la_tunde)

Have a wonderful weekend

LoveandKisses from TANG

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  1. I will call this your look the fab-chic-street-style. It’s so good on you. I love it

    1. Lol I like what you call it! Thank you Ngumabi.

  2. Olaitan Bobade says:

    Wumi the hot chic. You already know I totally love your style. Constantly seeing myself in everything you wear. Going to raid your wardrobe one day!
    My Favourite Movies of All Time +Fun Facts

    1. Hahaha whenever you’re ready to raid let me know. Thank you Olaitan, you always make me smile.

  3. Very nice two piece denim and the way you styled it is lovely…btw, I didn’t see that my church style on style vitae. Did you post it.

    1. Hey Ada! Please resend those pictures and any other new one you have, could not find the mail, so sorry dear. Thank you.

  4. Love the third photo where you smile. No two piece denim in my wardrobe!

    1. Hey Kachee, thank you! This is my first denim two-piece too so I guess it isn’t really a wardrobe staple.

  5. rosylicious8 says:

    i want the necklace>>>> Your look and dress sense is wow!!

  6. I will. be honest for some reason the first pic looked like a promotional. picture of a superhero movie.. lol… but amazing styling and you definitely chose well

    1. Lmao! For real?? Weirdly I always get that funny heroine look whenever I drape jackets on my shoulders LOL. Thank you for the kind words Vincent.

  7. It’s Denim season!! Lol you totally slayed!

    1. Like isn’t it always Denim season though? LOL. Thank you dear.

  8. You better slay huny… can never go wrong with denim.

    1. You know this! Thank you darling.

  9. My boo the hottie. I really really love this look. Well slayed. I should visit you soon o so I can obtain your neck piece lol.

    Btw madam, notifications of your new posts has stopped on my end o.
    An Attitude Of Gratitude X Trying Out New Things

    1. LOL na wa. I’m sure there would be a queue already for the necklace. Saw that you subscribed again, still the same?

  10. Wumiii…I could cry for this look now…it’s pretty. I want the necklace and the sneaks and literally everything you’re wearing. And it matches those two white and black poles…I’m jealous…lol
    I’m kidding though
    I have a lot of things on my wish list..I might just add a denim two piece.
    And did I tell you I nominated you for bloggers recognition? And I did my socks in heels..
    You can check it out on my blog.
    Keep slaying

    1. Lmao oya are we the same size? Let me just ship everything to you abi? LOL. Okay let me go check your blog now. Thank you dear.

  11. Hey hun! Coming to think of it I hardly have that many two piece outfits. I love the fact that this is a denim on denim look. The sneakers add a great touch too. Keep slaying.x

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  13. […] blazer and you’ve got yourself a statement piece. I picked a button-down denim crop form this two-piece set and paired it with a mini denim skirt. I have always wanted to re-style the two piece with other […]

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