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Hey!!!!How was your week? This month is really fast or is it just me? Well, I sure can’t wait for it to end already. So, if you follow me on Twitter (@wumituase), you would know I did a mini Vox Pop online earlier in the week about some issues we humans generally have when it comes to relationships. I got really good responses too although some were really hilarious but they were all real. I thought to share them with you.

I basically just thought about issues that have been raised on my Twitter Timeline over the past  months and decided to find out what people really thought about them. I figured most people are usually more factual with their responses if they are asked direct questions. I put together 5 questions and I hope you have as much fun as I did reading the responses.

1) Would you rather date a lady who can afford to feed both of you or would you want to be sole provider in the relationship?

@TheRealMykel: A lady who is financially independent would be nice but I’d prefer to be the main provider at 70/30

@VPanwal: Sole provider

@KingAkinbode: A lady who can afford to feed both of us.

@Yungtyflex: Depends really, but I’ll prefer we both can feed ourselves still doesn’t take away the fact that I won’t provide.

@i_limanche: Nope we share the responsibilities

@scultator: Yes I will. The idea that the man has to be better qualified or have more money is a notion clung to by insecure men

@ojodui: Not sole provider per se, she should be able to help out every now and then.

@Maza_je: I don’t want to be an onlooker or be with one in my relationship, so we must both contribute 50-50 maybe

@matr1cent: Option A o. If she needs assistance sef, I’m game

@GrievyHomes: Would want to be sole provider but if she’s got enough for both of us, cool then let’s feed.


2) Why do some guys have problems with ladies who appear to be independent? Is it an issue of ego or low self-esteem? Or what do you think?

@simplysimmie: It’s both

@Edache_: Most independent women are not submissive

@enn_shielu: They are indecisive. “I don’t want a liability, “she’s too independent, she will sit on my head” no clue what they want. 1) Insecurity. 2) They feel they won’t be able to control them, it threatens them because… ‘Submission’

@VPanwal: It’s in the nature of a man to dominate, and to lead so when a woman appears independent it could be problematic.

@Eesha_Danvers: I think it has to do with low self-esteem and a bit of ego. Also, they don’t like to be questioned of challenged, independent women are often smart. It’s a problem for them.

@OloriAbisoye: Some of them feel emasculated when a woman does all for and by herself

@Yungtyflex: Every guy wants to be the sole provider inasmuch as he’ll love his woman to contribute also. So Yes it’s an ego thing.

@GrievyHomes: Gotta be ego. Your Independence doesn’t make me a lesser man cuz money doesn’t in any way define who I am.


3) Ladies, would you rather date a rich guy that you met rich or stay with someone hustling & hope he gets rich?

@Eesha_Danvers: Stay with someone hustling & hope he gets rich

@enn_shielu: Lol all depends on character. I’m not about to date anyone who’ll see me as an addition to his collection.

@Hot_etcold: I’d rather Marry someone I Love, can grow with.. First make sure we’re ready for d responsibilities that come with marriage, tbh.

@Mis_Neyney: Met rich.

@Tosdbaby: Honestly, the financial status of whom i date wouldn’t be an issue to me, but i wouldn’t date a liability.


4) Why is body count so important to some people? What’s the limit of body count you can accept before dating someone?

@TheRealMykel: 2 or 3 maybe

@PadreElla: Body count is really important. Sex is more spiritual than physical. Body count: 1-3.

@enn_shielu: My issue is spiritual tbh. We don’t even know who is a walking witch or wizard. Destiny shifted just like that. I think in General, nobody should be sleeping up and down, I’m African and I believe witchy things are real. Lol, I don’t know who you have been sleeping with, Nneka the pretty serpent can be among.

@KingAkinbode: STD is real; we will be deceiving ourselves if body count was a criterion.

@don_kazzy: The fact that you don’t want guys seeing her picture and giving you gist about her soundtrack, the lesser the better.

@OloriAbisoye: Nobody wants anyone who has been with everybody.

@GrievyHomes: I’d date a lady who had sex with 100 people I’d probably never come across over one whose one time was with someone I know.

@Yungtyflex: Lol fam so far you’re not a prostitute your body count can’t be that enormous.

@PaulusMagna: We all make mistakes.

@Hot_etcold: Body count mostly important to men not women… and why it’s important to them, I don’t know or understand.

@ojodui: Self-esteem can play a part. I think it’s the fear of being looked down upon by some of those kinds of women.

@Dahmolah: Once body count > age, that’s a no.

@ViCktorr_: 8-10 is OK for me. A girl should have her fun too .

@tosdbaby: This is one question that has never crossed my mind. Everyone has past, just let that past remain PAST!.


5) Would you rather get married to a virgin or a sexually experienced person (Male/Female)?

@Edache_: Sexually experienced person abeg.

@KingAkinbode: Anyone, sexual experience doesn’t mean a high body count or a body count at all.

@Eesha_Danvers: Sexually experienced male.

@OloriAbisoye: Experienced Biko.

@GrievyHomes: A virgin, because they’re more trustworthy and sex skills can be learnt.

@Yungtyflex: Love, trust and understanding is the most important thing…I really don’t care if you’re a virgin or not

@Hot_etcold: Experienced

@jasonbond005: Either one is fine

@scultator: Any would do, there are other important things to look out for in a partner, just don’t carry any fatal STDs

@Maza_je: Virgin please, some guys got borehole driller as penis. I won’t like to be performing in an open theatre every night

@ViCktorr_: Never been with a Virgin, don’t plan on marrying one.

@RichieBlavk: Sexually experienced female

@ArowojoluTolu: Working experience is key.

I could not post all the answers, there were a lot of them. What do you think about the responses though?  I also want your own response to the questions please so kindly share.

Have a fabulous weekend guys & to the Workaholics, please try to get some rest, Life is too short ya know!

LoveandKisses from TANG








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