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Tis The Season- Go Glam


Hi everyone! How are you enjoying the holidays? A lot of parties to attend I guess. I definitely missed out on a lot of them this year and I’m still trying to figure out why my normal ‘ginjah’ for turning up every December didn’t make an appearance this year.

Well for those of you that still have stuff planned from now till the new year, here’s an outfit inspiration for you.

This style is super affordable and can be switched from normal to glam pretty quick.

I got the nude two-piece from my favorite girl Lade of be_u_by_lade. Remember the fab clothes she made for me here and here? Well guess what? This Kim K inspired two-piece sells for just N4000!!! I had to get it.

Glamming the outfit up in the spirit of the season, I draped this collarless red blazer over it. With my hair wrapped up like that, I think it gives the whole sophisticated appeal. Since it is in a bigger size, I couldn’t really wear it so I just draped it. I got the blazer recently for a steal price and the coolness of that shade of red seemed perfect with the nude.

I got the shoes from Konga during the Black Friday sales (I got about three awesome shoes that period and to think it was the first time I was partaking in such ??). It sold for about N3,600 or so during that period and it had been on my wish list before then so I took full advantage.

Once in a while you should enter a giveaway on Instagram (real advice yo!), that’s how I got this cute Oeclat clutch some months ago. I haven’t rocked it since but there’s no better time to matches red and green than the Yuletide season yeah?

This look was the first one we actually shot at the mall and I was really shy at first hence the genuine embarrassed smiles and awkward posing. LOL.

Two-piece: Be_u_by_lade (Instagram handle)

Blazer: Kasper

Shoes: Qupid from Konga

Purse: Oeclat (Instagram handle)

Bracelet (arm cuff): Jumia

Photocredit: CkKnightPhoto (Instagram handle)

Location: Ikeja City Mall

Happy new year in advance everyone! God bless and keep us all.

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  1. Looking glam love. Happy new year darling..
    2015 And I

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