It’s Throwback Thursday and I’m throwing it back to what I wore on my birthday, sadly it was a weekday so I had to look a bit corporate.

I love Ankara materials and most of the time, I design my styles (I cannot sew) for the tailor or fashion designer or whatever we call them these days, to sew.


So I designed this mullet skirt with pleats (to make it a bit full), then got a friend of mine who is a Fashion Designer ? to make it for me.


I particularly love the top because of the mesh insert at the arms and it suits just about anything besides.


The patent Court shoe in peach color is one of my favorite pair of heels (I don’t own many) and it highlighted the pink in the skirt.


I’ve had the bag for years but this is the first time I truly appreciated it.


The necklace is one I bought with faith that it would serve me and yes it has, in too many ways. You would probably still see it again ?

So I guess I really looked like the Birthday Girl and still tried to look a bit corporate. I wasn’t fired so I guess it was okay. LOL.

LoveAndKisses From TANG.

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  1. praise El says:

    nice skirt love d pleats and d shoe and bag are awesome

    1. Thanks dear!

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