The Weekend- Out ‘n’ About 

The Weekend- Out ‘n’ About 

I can’t believe it’s Monday again, I want another long weekend ?Lol, pardon the rantings of a lazy child, how was your weekend guys? Hope you had as much fun as I did? Although I started mine in very a boring state, I didn’t even think it could get interesting. Then my friend invited me to their youth week in church; praise night on Friday, picnic on Saturday and thanksgiving on Sunday; I didn’t know how interesting that could get too!

Guess what? It was beyond cool! Coming from someone who loves all the excitement of life LOL. The praise night was a turn up on it’s own though.

Then the main thing; picnic. They picked the Lekki Conservation centre and when I heard ‘animals’ I freaked (I always have nightmares about animals ?) but they assured me I wasn’t going to see wild animals in cages, so I said okay.


Now the problem; What to wear.

After much modeling for my mum, I finally settled on this Ankara crop top with off-shoulders which I love because of the bold print. I paired it with high-waist blue jeans (my favorite pair of jeans right now). I wore the complete set of the Ankara to my friend’s engagement which I shared here and paired with my Lacoste plimsolls that I wore in this post too. Black leather box bag with fringe details and a snap back (highly coveted and obtained from a friend who wants it back but won’t get it ?), to complete the look; easy and fun.

I held a black sheer jacket just in case any animal is looking for food, it won’t feed on my tummy ? (just kidding)

A place to visit 

If you’re a ‘lastma’ like me and you haven’t visited the Conservation centre, I think you should, especially if you’re into the Jurassic world kinda thing (except there are no dragons and stuff sha lol). The most interesting part is the walk down to the chalets. You’d see some little animals on the trees and in the swamps. It’s very relaxing and exciting at the same time and more so if you go with your friends. You have enough space to chill, play volleyball or generally just walk around and enjoy nature.


I certainly enjoyed myself, I even dozed off at a point which was weird because I find it difficult to sleep at night, so an afternoon nap is kind of a big deal for me, it was that relaxing  ☺️. Nature, drinks, food and friends, I mean, what else can a girl ask for? ?

Thank you Success and Godwin for my photos and I’m sorry for stressing you ?. Thank you St. Augustine youths for a wonderful time.

25 thoughts on “The Weekend- Out ‘n’ About 

  1. Awww, pretty pictures. Would love to visit the conservation Centre too… enjoyed every bit of the post… keep up the good work dear.??

  2. Cool story…i felt like i was there????? dont mind me… about the cute pictures, im gradually turnibg to a big fan of urs…keep it flowing, keep it coming…the show is sincerely appealing n interesting to me ????

  3. I held a black sheer jacket just in case any animal is looking for food, it won’t feed on my tummy ? (just kidding).


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