The Prettiest Maxi Dress I Currently Own- OOTD

The Prettiest Maxi Dress I Currently Own- OOTD

If I say it’s the prettiest maxi dress you’ll see today, believe me, it is. This dress does everything I need and it has pockets! Who still gets excited about dresses with pockets these days? Me of course.

Comfort and style are two things that always go hand-in-hand for me as you all know. If it shows off my body while at it, I’m totally down for it too. Which is why this maxi dress has my heart.

What I Love About This Maxi Dress

The color is first on my list. Ever since I realized bright colors make my dark skin pop more, I have been obsessed. I buy more colorful outfits now & rock the heck outta them. That’s why this peach number makes me feel delicious.

Secondly, the length. If my maxi dress isn’t keeping Lagos clean, I don’t want it. That rich auntie vibe is necessary and you know when you lift the hem just a little while walking with your shoulders back & head high? Come through Lady Bridgerton!

Thirdly, the cut out detail that pumps up my babies (yes my boobs are called babies). It is just the perfect detail in this dress that makes it suitable for so many occasions. Counting it, I have worn it to a casual party, burial reception & still planning to share the goodness of the dress to a lot more places. The people deserve to see fire “fits and this one right here, is fire.


The maxi dress is a statement on its own so I kept the accessories a tad bit minimal but still complimentary of the drama the dress brings. Chunky gold necklace and studs with a simple bracelet. You can’t see my shoes but I have not been cleared to wear heels yet but i wore my doctor-approved (for 5 minutes) white sandals.

Next week, there will be a style video on my Instagram showing you a casual way to style this dress. It looks dressy already so if you need to tone it down to suit the occasion, you should follow me on Instagram (@wumituase).

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So this is my first post of the year and although it’s late, I wish you an amazing and fulfilling 2022. I’m determined to be more consistent here so don’t unsubscribe & please share with your friends, we are about to have more fun!

Love & Kisses- Wumi

Outfit Details

Maxi Dress- Everytin Denim|| Makeup- Mobelle Faces|| Photos- Black & Fly

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