The month of Love


Hey people! Welcome to the month of love! This is actually the first time I am excited about Valentine’s day and all the preparation and that is because I found a new purpose for celebrating the day.

There is something about the month of February that just spreads love around, maybe its just me but everyone seems to have something to say about love this month LOL in fact twitter has been live with bants and real motivational tweets about love and almost everyone is looking for a Val already.

Last year, I brought up the idea in my house that we exchange gifts for Valentine and it was harder than we thought because even though we are a small family, we are very different and so everyone had to crack their heads on what to give, at the end of the day my mum gave me a little lecture on giving. She asked me that all the while I kept saying I had nobody to give me gifts except them (my family), why did I not go out to share the love to people out there that had no family or homes talk-less of a partner that would get them gifts, I told her that I did during Christmas and she laughed. She told me to make ‘people’ and not just one person my Val this year and I would discover how happy that would make me. After that talk, she gave me this dress as my own Val gift.


So this alter neck dress was the last one I shot at the mall and it was probably the most daring because it was on the 24th of December (imagine the crowd) and my friend had to help me plead to people to stop them from taking the escalator at the same time with me. At a point I looked down and saw a whole lot of people looking up, taking pictures of me and smiling LOL. My friend Foyin is a model so I took advantage and asked her to join me for a shot.





I love the dress because it’s flirty and fun to wear and you do not even need so much accessories because it’s got a lot going already so I paired it with gold sandals and a red purse.

I have a lot in store for you all this February and it’s all love related, look forward to it!

Dress: Taboo

Shoes: Guess

Purse: Mum’s closet

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  1. Hoooootie!!! Oh how I love your dress. Hmmm valentine eh? Skipping away. Lol

    Ripped Dungarees – Street Style

    1. Thanks Grace, you always make me blush LOL. Where are you skipping to btw? Hahaha

  2. Ahaha your mum gave good advice! & lol at the bit where you said your friend had to persuade people not to take the escalator. – that must have been stressful. I love the dress btw


    1. Yea she did. My dear, lagosians amazed me that day, they didn’t even argue, I think they just wanted to watch. Thanks dear.

  3. I’m just here wondering how you conquered the stares from the average Nigerians.
    Like your dress, has such a flirty appeal, perfect for Valentines.

    1. I had to get used to the stares ooo, it even became a joke because I had to take the pictures severally. Thank you Bookie.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Omo mummy…
    I can imagine…… d waiting crowd must av bn patiently gazing at d beauty descendin from an escalator lyk an angel frm heaven.?

  5. So Stunning.. ❤❤❤ I’ve never been big on Valentine and all because I believe we all have an opportunity to show love every second of our lives..

  6. Your experience reminds me of one time I was doing video interviews for work. I had to record them in the toilet as that was the only quiet place with good sound and good lighting. It was a female toilet but I brought a man in because I just needed to get the job done. It was really annoying when people walked in or someone flushed but at the end of the day I got my videos.

    I really like your hair BTW.


    1. LOL! That takes a whole lotta guts

      1. I can imagine how weird it must have been. Thank you darling.

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