The Colour Purple 

Barka de Sallah to my Muslim people!
Officially, the weekend starts today and as expected I am super excited (four days of work this week and next yaay!).
I am sure most of us have a couple of functions lined up for the weekend especially ‘owambe’ but what if you did not buy the ‘aso-ebi’? Speaking of myself too because I have a wedding coming up this Saturday but no aso-ebi.

I have decided to wear one of my recently sewn traditional wears (iro and buba) in a similar colour to the aso-ebi.

Here’s one of them in my favorite colour with off-shoulder style. Although, I rarely have wears in colour purple (I usually prefer blue for clothes), Purple is so royal and it makes me happy.

So, if you want to look good even without the aso-ebi maybe you can still walk in there with your own iro and buba, looking fly as ever.

The material is a busy one with floral designs so it would help keep the accessories minimal. You can either put on a simple pearl or a layered one as I did.

Pair black sandals or any colour of your choice that suits the material. I prefer sandals rather than pumps because I feel sandals look better on it (I tried both).

Finally aced the knot-wrapper style I think (yes I know it’s so 2014 but still…)

Have a nice extended weekend y’all.
LoveandKisses from TANG.

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