TGIF- In Monochrome

TGIF- In Monochrome

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Hi!!!! I’m literally super excited right now because it’s another long weekend ahead, I just hope I can be productive this time as opposed to my leave period. You know how you have favorite looks that you could even put together in your sleep? Well, this monochrome look with a little edge is mine and I’d tell you why.

I think we have established the fact that I always like a little edge to my outfits so I’m usually not quite satisfied until I get something to add that to the look. This particular look is as easy as ABC and I can put it together without any prior plan because a pair of ripped jeans is very handy, inner wears are super handy and a jacket is always available so see why it’s a favorite look for this lazy girl right here?

I got this awesome, awesome, can I say it once more? Awesome faux leather waterfall jacket from Grace when I saw how fab she looked  in this post and luckily for me, she had this for sale. Even though I planned to pair it with various ‘colorful’ outfits, I ended up with monochromatic looks the two times I wore it so the jacket still has a lot of work to do LOL.

I think that this bandanna top is one of my most worn tops, it’s so bad now that even as the material is soft, I’m still not ready to give it up and pairing it with ripped jeggings feels so laid back and easy, I feel like I can live for years in this combination. Blue lipstick & black boots because a girl needs a little edge every now and then, well at least I do, you should try something different too (the matte blue lipstick is so fab and I love the way it puts my mum on the edge LOL).

Basically I love this look for it’s cool, a little Gothic & rugged vibes, what do you think of it?

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Ripped3 (1)

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Have a wonderful weekend guys & try to have some fun!


Top– Atmosphere (Gift)

Jeggings– Thrifted

Boots– Thrifted

Lip-stain– Beyond Beauty

LoveandKisses from TANG

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