TBP X Bibi’s Grill Food Tasting Event

TBP X Bibi’s Grill Food Tasting Event

Hey darlings, how was your week? It’s Friday so the week is already over for me and I’m looking forward to the long weekend although I know I won’t get much rest because of my waka waka in this Lagos. Talking about waka waka, shout out to The Blogger Point for always coming through with the events and pushing me out of the house. On Sunday, they had some of us over at the new Bibi’s Grill in Maryland Mall for a bloggers taster event. Firstly, I was excited that I did not have to go all the way to the island for this one so after church on Sunday, I went over and it was a totally awesome time, hanging out with some of my blogger babes, meeting other creatives, networking and eating great food.

Bibi’s Grill has an array of some of your favorite grill foods like Barbecue fish, chicken and turkey with French fries, roasted plantain (boli), spaghetti with meatballs etc. I almost couldn’t decide what to pick between the roasted plantain & grilled fish or my regular fries and chicken, I ended up kind of get a mix of both; fries and grilled fish. When it comes to food, fries are my favorite so I was a bit scared that they won’t make it the way I like it; crisp and crunchy but they came through although the fries looked like they might go soft if left for a short time so I quickly devoured them. The fish was also on another level of goodness and I had to get an extra pack for my people at home because that kind of enjoyment is meant to be shared LOL.


Although, it was my first time at Maryland mall, which is weird because I used to be such a mall rat but I find myself swamped with so many things these days, Bibi’s Grill was really easy to spot on the second floor as it is just opposite the escalator and the setting is more like a food court with an open space. So whenever you’re over at the mall, go get your fix of affordable grilled goodness, the pack of roasted plantain and grilled fish I got was just N1500 (One thousand five hundred naira).

A big thank you to my darlings Alex and Praise who helped take pictures for me.

P.S I have the full two-piece look for the Ankara blouse in my last post on Kamdora, you can read it here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

LoveandKisses from TANG


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