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TANG X Mira La Belle- Florals


Hi people! What’s up? So I’m back here with another collaboration post and this time it is with the DIY Queen Ijenna of

My first collaboration was with Grace of and we did the Valentine outfit inspiration series, you can check them out here, here and here. It was so much fun and I decided to do more, unfortunately I haven’t been able to until now.

You might remember Ijenna from her guest post on TANG some weeks back and although we had planned that before, the collaboration was on short notice. We were both attending The Blogger Point brunch and there was already a theme so we did not have to stress on that. Ijenna is a vintage lover and her quirky and unconventional style is one to love, she is a look-good-on-budget kinda girl just like me and she pulls off outfits the way you cannot even imagine. That aside, she gives great tutorials on how to create a lot of stuff by yourself, her creativity is one trait I admire.

Co-incidentally, Ijenna and I picked white and black floral outfits for the brunch. Mine was made the night before because I had some issues with my initial outfit so I had to buy this material after work and give to my tailor to make me the fastest thing (a kimono) LOL. While Ijenna went for an all vintage look with her button-down dress (she says her mum would be so happy to see her in a feminine dress LOL), her chunky heels, red bag and vintage sunglasses, I went for a very easy combination look; a kimono, camisole and denim. My tailor was very tired and miscalculated the length she measured for the kimono hence the improvised flair at the bottom. I paired it with a white visor, black sandals, and my favorite green bag from my last post.









Most bloggers at the brunch were looking really colorful and pretty in their floral outfits and I liked how chic and effortless my look was. I met other bloggers I could really flow with (Hey Thonia, Moji, Praise, Dammy etc.). I attended with my girl Grace who was stunting in her own design (check out her page on Instagram @shop_epiphany29). Kudos to the TBP team for connecting bloggers and I hope there would be more food at the next one *covers face*. I got some fab gifts from the brunch too and I would be sharing them soon.

What do you think of our outfits? Are you a fan of floral prints? How would you rock a floral kimono? Please drop your comments, I love to interact with you all.

P.S I have a new post on Style Vitae (I post every Sunday) so please check it out here and don’t forget If you would like to get featured on the Sunday best roundup, just#SVSundayBest on your pictures on Instagram or you can mail them to me via [email protected] and we would put up the best looks every last Sunday of the month.

Photocredit: Grace & Seyi Adenowo

LoveandKisses from TANG.


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  1. My girls looking good.
    Eyyys photo credit nko lol.

    Love you guys…
    Denim Sunday

    1. ijennamirabelosuji says:

      Ha Ha Ha. Seeeee I’m a good girl. Gave you a shout out sef on my blog ?

    2. Thanks baby! Lol problem fixed.

  2. Haha the shoot you guys had after the brunch. Awesome awesome! You both know how to slay ?

    1. ijennamirabelosuji says:

      Yup! Sharp guys that we are. Thank you! <3

    2. Yeahhh. Thank you darling.

    1. I’m surprised people didn’t notice sef. Thanks Kachee!

  3. My love for kimonos is never ending. I love how you styled yours. Fantastic post.x

    1. Thank you darling Steph.

  4. Olaitan says:

    Your tailor is a real lifesaver! Love love the kimono

    1. I know right! Thanks Olaitan.

  5. I love the kimono. Love the vintage. Love the black and white. Love love love everything about this look.
    You both are slaying o X_X

    1. Yay! Thanks girl!

  6. Why I can’t find tailors like this is just beyond me. You guys look great, didn’t even notice the flair at the bottom.

    1. Mine sef dey misbehave sometimes ooo, it’s just luck. Thank you Sogie.

  7. ijennamirabelosuji says:

    Awww. Wumi *smiles shyly*

    I didn’t even notice the flared kimono hem. Turned out great yo! Lol at the food thing. I was sooo hungry!

    Oh and I want the visor and bag. Gimme pretty please ❤

    1. Lol that hunger was something else. I would see if I can get you your own visor and bag jor, not this one. *big kiss*

  8. You guys look amazing!!!!! Love the black and white prints you both have on.

    1. Thank you Dammy!

  9. Cool kid club!! You both look stunning. that picture where her dress is flying up is cute

  10. You both look great and I love how each outfit complimented the other.
    Wunmi you know how much I love this your Kimono….
    My Style Look Book Series

  11. Awesome Post!! Your Kimono looks stunning too! 🙂

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