TANG X EPIPHANY29-Valentine Outfit Inspiration (1)

TANG X EPIPHANY29-Valentine Outfit Inspiration (1)


Hey people, how are you guys doing? Remember I mentioned at the beginning of this year that I would try to collaborate with other bloggers in 2016? Well, last week, Grace of epiphany29.com contacted me and suggested we do a collaboration, I was super excited.


So Valentine’s day is almost here and most of us ladies already have plans to hang out either it is with your partner or your girlfriends and since it is on a Sunday, all the better eh?

If you have been following my blog for sometime now, you would have noticed that I mentioned Grace’s blog in this post and some other posts too, she is really really cool and I admire her style so when she mentioned the collaboration, I jumped on it! I suggested we collaborate for Valentine’s Day outfit ideas and she agreed.When we met, it was like we had known each other for so many years, we could not stop gisting and laughing I tell you, the babe is too real!

Matching our styles was one hilarious process because I more or less freestyle with my outfits while she has a particular style she leans towards but it was fun. We had to make concessions for each other’s style and finally came up with three outfit ideas  that would appeal to you in anyway you choose to style yourself this period.

This outfit is the first one in the series Grace and I came up with and it is for the casual day/night hang out. It’s easy to wear and we tried to put a little Valentine colour in it although I try to avoid red as much as I can during this period LOL, I guess a little red would not hurt.










Plaid shirts, pants, boots/sneakers provide that not-so-girly but fun look that I love and I accessorized mine with my bucket bag which I have rocked here and here. I had some issues with the editing so some of the pictures did not come out well, despite that, I think we rocked it well. What do you think?

Location: Black Beard, Lekki, Lagos

LoveandKisses from TANG


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  1. You guys look extremely pretty with all those smiles and laughter. I wish i could join. Thank you so much stopping by huni. I have really enjoyed your previous posts as well.

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