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Tang X Epiphany29- Look 2


Hi guys! What’s up? In my last post, I introduced my collaboration with Grace of based on Valentine’s Day outfit ideas. This is the second outfit idea and it’s my favorite out of all the outfits we came up with.

If you are single or would be alone by chance on Valentine’s Day and would want to go somewhere special/fun with your friends then this outfit idea is for you. Grace and I had fun during this shoot as we could not stop laughing, taking selfies and posting on snapchat.

Grace actually suggested this culottes when she was fed up wit too much planning LOL and I liked the idea so I searched my wardrobe for something similar and came up with this chiffon short culottes and a black lace top because I’m about that lace life hehehe.

I decided to go the monochrome way while Grace went colorful and I love how playful and fun her outfit turned out not to talk of those gorgeous shoes. I figured I did not need much colour added to my outfit since my ‘fire red’ hair was already standing out do much.

What I really love about the look in generally is how it is suitable for both day and night hangouts, it’s versatile and very comfortable. Comfort is highly important in whatever I pick out to wear and what says comfort better than free shorts? Lol.

Photo 12-02-2016, 00 25 01

Photo 12-02-2016, 00 25 16

Photo 12-02-2016, 00 23 39

Photo 12-02-2016, 00 24 35

Photo 12-02-2016, 00 23 20

Photo 12-02-2016, 00 24 09

Photo 12-02-2016, 00 23 20

Photo 12-02-2016, 00 23 51

Photo 12-02-2016, 00 24 18

How do you like this outfit? Let me know please.

Top & Shorts- Thrifted

Bag- Gifted

Sandals- River Island

LoveandKisses from TANG.


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