Tang X Epiphany29- Collaboration Look 3


Finally, it’s Valentine’s Day! Are you guys excited? I know it’s for lovers but still I can’t help but tap into some people’s happiness you know LOL.I had little trouble posting this hence the late post but here’s the third and final look from the Collaboration with Epiphany29.com.

If you’ve got a hot date with the boo this night then this one is for you but not to leave the singles out, if you’re going for a fun night out with your friends, this outfit idea is also suitable for you. In fact, just like the other two outfits Grace and I picked for Look 1 and Look 2, this is also versatile.

While Grace went the floral route (which highlighted her many endowments and made her eyes pop hehehe), I opted for this blue fringed dress which I got for my convocation in 2013. At first I thought it was ridiculous for the amount I got it (I sent two of my friends Wendy and Ibidun to help me get a dress because I was in NYSC camp at the time), I must confess that every time I’ve worn the dress, which is about 3 times, I have never been disappointed with the results so I guess it was worth the money after all LOL.

I almost did not add any red to it but hey, a girl’s gotta get into the spirit of love so I borrowed my mum’s heart-shaped purse and picked simple black sandals to complete it. I wanted the dress to steal the spotlight so I did not want to crowd it with too many accessories. A simple gold bangle and neck chain finished the look for me.



Needless to say it was toooo much fun shooting with Grace and I enjoyed our conversations (you wouldn’t believe the things we talked about), she made me take a second look at life and think deep about a lot of things. Thank you darling for a wonderful experience.

How do you like this look? Do let me know please.

Dress- Oasis by Foschini

Purse- Mum


P.S For those of you that would be getting or have gotten gifts from the boo or would be sharing love around, don’t forget to pray for the needy and also pass some boxes of chocolates my way pretty please LOL.

Enjoy your Valentine people.

LoveandKisses from TANG

4 thoughts on “Tang X Epiphany29- Collaboration Look 3

  1. You are looking Takeaway!! No foreal..the dress is worth it and that red purse! Now I might need to take a look in your mums closet.

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