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TANG Diaries EP2- Prayers & Blogging Issues

I have come to the conclusion that we Africans pray more than we work. I see this everyday on my way to work, on the bus, literally everywhere, people constantly preaching prosperity and generally praying for blessings without doing the actual work that bring these things to life. This is the second episode of TANG Diaries and I am talking about prayers and some blogging related issues.

We pray yes, but do we actually pray for the right things? I recently learned through my daily morning devotional that praying for Mercy is more effective than praying for blessings. In the Bible, many of the people who received help from Jesus Christ pleaded for mercy when they laid eyes on him, there was always the phrase “Lord have mercy upon me” or something close. I used to focus on the “God bless me, provide for me, let all my heart desires come through” type of prayer, they got answered but not the way I wanted them. I started asking for mercy and started to get better results because na mercy sure pass.

Real life issues would get you eager to learn for the best ways to approach a lot of situations and if you are a multi-career person like me, you would know the essence of learning to pray the right way and for the right things. For instance, my store, I keep praying for sales & new customers rather than pray for more business opportunities so I can improve every aspect of the store. Maybe I also need to start praying for my customers? What is really the prayer of a business woman because I no too sabi that part.

Lately, I have been thinking of how people handle competition in their business & career and I realized that personally, I push these things to the back of my mind where they might surface at unwanted times and ruin my mood for some minutes before I successfully push them down again, although these days, they have been surfacing more often than not. Should I be mad at myself for stressing about competitors or just turn the them into constructive self criticism? The latter definitely sounds wiser because who my anger epp?

Blogging in some ways has now become competitive although I like how it encourages you to step up your game, it is very easy to forget the main reason you started in the first place and how to keep having fun at it because there are definitely fun parts if you indeed started blogging for a good reason. What got me here? One of my favorite fashion bloggers was contemplating on quitting because of all these, my advice to her was to take time out to re-strategize and if she is truly passionate about it, she would find herself back on course and doing so much better. Quick question abeg, why do we like making life hard for ourselves at times? I have heard of bloggers piling up debts just because they want to buy some particular luxury items so they can “SLAY” for the blog and “PEPPER” them on social media but who am I to judge with my awoof fashion, little (awesome) blog and little (awesome) number of readers? I can still speak my mind though because na me get my mouth.

I have been so tempted to quit blogging several times just because I would check my stats and not be impressed (STOP DOING THAT WUMI) or I see bloggers collaborating with brands (YOU WILL GET THERE WUMI) or seeing a lot of popping Instagram pictures & an overload of comments beneath them (REALLY WUMI, YOUR GLOW UP JUST STARTED) but I made the decision that “I cannot kill myself”. I started this blog because I could relate to a lot of young females wanting all that designer life and I decided not to wait till I can afford luxury items before looking stylish. This is why I would continue to bring affordable fashion to you all here, I want you to be able to see an outfit on me and recreate it with similar items in your wardrobe, that’s the goal and it gladdens my heart when I get tags or pictures sent to me from readers recreating my looks. This is what keeps me going, this is what makes it worth it, it’s not the money (that I really need to start making from the blog now LOL), it’s the fact that no matter how little I think this space is, I am doing well with it, yes there is room for a whole lot of improvement but I am happy because I dey try abeg. Go Girl!

What is your approach to dealing with competitors? What motivates you to do what you do? What’s your prayer point this month? Please drop your comments people, let’s talk.

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LoveandKisses from TANG

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