TANG DIARIES- Trust Issues & A Gorgeous Co-Ord Set

TANG DIARIES- Trust Issues & A Gorgeous Co-Ord Set

I randomly remember tweeting that the worst thing about having your trust broken is not being able to trust yourself again. So how does one even begin the journey all over again?

This was supposed to be just a style post but I don’t even trust myself to post about fashion when I have other things on my mind. So this will be mixed, you get to see me in the prettiest two piece outfit you’ll see this week and I get to pour out my thoughts to you. A fair trade? I think so.

The thing about having the rug pulled from under you is the rude awakening. That feeling of “have I ever been right about anything?”, “was I truly this blind?” (I stole that second line from Bridgerton LOL). But you catch my drift. Unfortunately, it does not end there. It leaks to other areas of your life; work, friendships etc. I began to second guess everything even my talents & skills and isn’t that the most disrespectful thing I have ever thought of myself? If anyone knows me, the worst thing you can do to me is disrespect me. The thought that I was disrespecting myself by doubting my abilities as a creative, is exactly what snapped me out of that nonsense state of mind. I give people so much grace, it is a wonder that I do not extend the same to myself, that had to stop and it has really helped.

Now, Wumi accepts that she is not perfect, not even remotely, she is human and therefore, deserves grace from herself. We trust people and they betray that trust? So what? That is not a reflection of who we are, it is solely on them. We move, always.

Now, let us talk about what I trust- my ability to slay in the most beautiful outfits.


I saw a picture of this outfit on twitter and mentioned that I liked it. The vendor sent me a message that “anon got it for me. If you are active on twitter, you’ll know that is not strange but as a rule, I do not accept gifts from strangers. I asked the vendor who it was and it turned out to be a friend who has always supported me. Shout out to Tosin, he owns Kairos Kreations so please hit him up for all your printing needs.

There isn’t a lot to say, the pictures speak for themselves but please negodu this sweet babe na! As usual, I will be sharing a style video on this look this week. This one will be the different ways you can wear white & orange featuring the pants from this set. Make sure you follow me on Instagram and turn on my notifications.

If you like this look, please share this post and my blog with your family and friends. The support means the world to me. Also, drop a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Enjoy the rest of your week my Loves. Till next time.

Love. Wumi.


Set- Gifted|| Makeup- Mobelle Faces|| Photos- Black & Fly|| Location- Wernickes Apartments

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