About The Weekend 

Happy new week guys, I hope you are all as happy with the four-day week as I am. My weekend […]

Outfit- Flare pants X Mullet top

January is almost over and I am super-duper excited! It seemed like the month was not going to end and […]

Plaid X Pleats

Holla Holla! How’s your weekend going? This post was to be up yesterday but I just couldn’t get myself to […]

Pattern & White Show

It’s Friyaaay! Hey people, how are you guys doing? My week was pretty much laid back and I’m in a […]

Back To The Weekend 

Short Grid Cullotes||Denim Shirt||Vintage. Black Brogues||Atmosphere(Vintage). Can I have the weekend back please? I was not ready ?. Lol. Hi […]

Make Casual Look Awesome 

TGIF!!!!!!!! Okay I have been feeling super guilty for not posting anything all week, I’ve had a really long week, […]