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Black X White

Never underestimate the allure of white and black. Yeah, I know some of us prefer to leave that combination for the church choir and bartenders  (no offense) but white and black would forever be a classy combination. Naturally, I wanted …

Diary International Nigeria


It was one of those nights when I was just scrolling through Instagram looking for wardrobe inspiration that I saw the #fiftyshadesofblack contest (empowering the black girl) on Beverly Naya’s page. I always admired her and had been following for …

Fashion Style

Make Casual Look Awesome 

TGIF!!!!!!!! Okay I have been feeling super guilty for not posting anything all week, I’ve had a really long week, I’m sorry guys but hey, TGIF! Most times I just like the casual look; t-shirt, skirt/pants, sneakers and a hat …

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