Summer Skincare Routine- GUEST POST

Summer Skincare Routine- GUEST POST

Summer Skincare is essential especially since it is that time of the year when everything is popping (clothes, makeup, even the weather). Although the rain has refused to let up in Lagos, let us go with the flow and prep our skin while we wait.

This post is on how to keep that skin looking bomb too. The key to summer skincare is staying hydrated but not sweaty. You also want to glow without feeling oily.

Here are some tips on how to keep your skin looking vacation-ready.

Summer Skincare Tips

1. Cleanse
Temperatures during summer get as high as 29-30 degrees. The skin produces more sweat and grime, hence the need to get them off. The type of cleanser you should use depends on your skin type. Dry to normal skin types should use hydrating cleansers while combination to oily skin types will need oil-free cleansers which leave the skin feeling matte but not dry.
Nigerian Blogger Summer Skin Care Routine Oil Free Cleanser
2. Tone/Hydrate
High temperatures can make your skin lose its water content and moisture. Toners (especially those infused with Hyaluronic Acid) balance the moisture content in your skin to look plump and hydrated. Some toners also contain exfoliants which remove dead skin cells.
Nigerian Blogger Summer Skin Care Routine The Ordinary
3. Treat 
Depending on your skin type and issues, this is optional. It can vary from salicylic acid for acne to hyaluronic acid for dehydrated skin to alpha arbutin, vitamin c or niacinamide for hyper-pigmentation. It all depends on your skin.
Nigerian Blogger Summer Skin Care Routine Argan Oil
4. Moisturize
Contrary to popular opinion, ALL skin types should moisturize. Combination to oily skin types need lightweight oil-free moisturizers.
Failure to moisturize makes your skin compensate to replace that moisture by producing more oils, which leaves you looking like a grease ball (that’s not pretty).
Nigerian Blogger Summer Skin Care Routine Oil Free Moisturizer
5. SPF (Sun Protector Factor)
There’s no time of the year when you need SPF more than summer. The sun is at its hottest and you need to protect your skin from burning, hyper-pigmentation (especially if you’re acne-prone) and skin cancer. Broad spectrum SPF(which protects from both UVA and UVB rays) are the best.
 Nigerian Blogger Summer Skin Care Routine Sunscreen Moisturizer
The last step(optional) is to give your skin a treat(masks, serums etc); the extra TLC keeps your skin looking soft, smooth and plump.
These are my summer skincare tips for keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Do you have additional tips, please share!
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