Style Story- Dorothy Tuash

– Toyosi Oguntuase, – 20 years old

– Law Student

– Scorpio

– Aspiring Author, Poet and Songwriter

Fashionista and Model, Toyosi, shares her playful yet so classy style with TANG and how she shops for her wears.

It is not exactly easy to keep up with the ever evolving global fashion trends, especially when one is based in Nigeria. A lot of the good clothes here are quite expensive, particularly in relation to a student’s budget, therefore I probably have to wait till there’s a sale going on in some boutique and the prices are slashed so I wouldn’t end up starving, LOL.
Going overseas is the best opportunity one has to buy new items at great prices. However, this doesn’t happen very frequently to me, as my school calendar is quite muddled up. Nevertheless, even if it’s a week I get to spend in the U.S. or UK, I probably would end up spending a few more dollars or pounds on extra luggage.

Anna Wintour, the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue is who I look to for fashion inspiration. She is the queen of all things fashion. I feel like everything that enters the fashion world has somewhat been chosen and permitted by Anna, even down to a pair of flip flops. She has great taste and is widely read, so when I can, I get my hands on the pages of her magazine. Victoria Beckham, a former member of the Spice Girls, is another highly esteemed woman in the world of fashion. She runs her self titled fashion line alongside DVB, in conjunction with her footballer husband; David Beckham. I’ve learned from Victoria that fashion isn’t just about the clothes, it extends to the poise, grace and confidence that comes with feeling good in one’s clothes. This is why one must always choose to wear clothes that fit their body type well and make them look their best.

However, since it is undisputed that fashion is recycled, one personal direction I’ve chosen is that I don’t always have to follow the current fashion trends, especially if there is a craze in the air. Sometimes, I might be lucky enough to spot it early, and try it, like the time I bought some pretty wig, and the whole world asked me about it, and got theirs. This was weeks after I got and wore mine, which made me feel like I was over it, before they even knew about it. If, on the other hand, I find out when it’s already trending, I’d rather wait one or two trends after, before I try it. More so, a lot of us need to learn that not every fashion trend is suitable for every human. For example, women with bigger body types should abstain from wearing crop tops, on the other hand some certain types of pants do not fit everyone’s legs. It is encouraged that we learn the body types we have, be it pear or apple and so on in order to avoid these fashion faux pas.

Fashion plays a really important role in our lives for they say ‘dress to be addressed’. It is also believed that for girls, half the fun of going out is getting ready. It’s something we cannot do without, no matter how much we try as we have to put clothes on our back. Nevertheless, no matter what fashion trend is in at the moment, it’s always best to put on what is comfortable, though presentable, in order to avoid a wardrobe malfunction or any kind of damage to one’s reputation.

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Have a fab weekend.

LoveandKisses from TANG.

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