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Fola is a graduate of mass communication and a fashionista in her own way. She is also skinny like me so I understand her ‘adjustment’ issues LOL. Please read and enjoy her story.

As an average Nigerian girl,my fashion is simple,sexy but classy. I keep everything to the minimal especially my accessories, but I love hair accessories like scarves, hats and hair pieces

Comfort comes first when I want to pick my outfit. I love been comfy in anything I wear, whether cheap or expensive as long as I combine it well and I’m comfortable, I’m good to hit the road. My mood determines my outfit and the set of people I’m going out with.


My extremely skinny figure is one factor that hinders me when shopping. I don’t always get my size. Sometimes I see a nice outfit I like and they be like we don’t have your size. *rolling my eyes* like for real? where do they keep all the size zero and four. Lol! So I result to buying oversized clothes and then I slimfit them to my size,lol! Not all the time though.

Fashion icons, stylish friends, mood and the internet/media inspire my style. Rihanna and Taylor Swift are my fashion icons.

Anytime I see a cute outfit on a girl I make sure I appreciate it, then I combine a similar outfit in my head to my own style.

As an average Nigerian girl I always want it all when I see cool outfits on the Internet but as per say we’re just struggling, I buy what I can afford and leave the rest till cash flows in, until then I’m good with what I av. I can combine ehn!

I try my best to be creative with my outfit, i sometimes cut my clothes to whatever I feel like *hehe that’s the life of an average Nigeria girl. We improvise!

I am a trendsetter and also a follower. I don’t always follow what’s in vogue because most times I can’t afford it and when am buoyant some other outfit might interest me better. So I just flow with life and buy what ever tickles my fancy not caring if its in vogue or not.


The social media can put someone inside gbese especially instagram,but one has to be contented with whatever she has and not go extra miles impressing people who care less. Just flow with whatever you have and be creative with it.”

You can follow her on Instagram @omolepah. Please share your style story with me. Thank you.

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