Style Crush- Yejide Erogbogbo

Style Crush- Yejide Erogbogbo


Hi guys! How’s your week going? So I missed last month’s Style crush and I would make it up to you by posting two this month. For the month of May, I am crushing on the absolutely beautiful Yejide Ergbogbo and her super cool style.

I came across Yejide’s page on Instagram sometime ago and she had on this fabulous wig so I followed her, I used to think my selfie game was strong till I saw hers, she is a selfie queen! LOL. I really love how easy and comfortable she is with her style and I’ve seen her pull off the simplest looks in the most stylish ways, you really won’t be able to overlook her in a crowd. I asked her to tell me about herself & her style and here’s what she says;


I’m Yejide Erogbogbo, Nigerian, and a graduate of Mass Communication from Redeemer’s University. I’m currently studying for my MBA in Global Fashion Media at the International Fashion Academy, Paris.

Personal Style
My personal style is minimal, I love colours but I try not to go over the top. I also love dresses, they are just so easy to put on, and with accessories you can easily go from basic to chic. I dress based on my mood,and always try to go for the classy and modest look. Trends don’t work for me simply because they tend to have a life cycle, and I prefer to buy fashion pieces that don’t fade out with time.

Yejidee (4)

Yejidee (1)

Style Crush
Janelle Monae, I admire her style so much, not something I would replicate, but who am I not to love her.

(P.S. Does anyone else notice her resemblance to Janelle Monae?) Check out the next picture.


Yejidee (2)

Designer Crush
Isabel Marant: Her designs are eclectic and reflect her individualism; and another interesting thing to note is how she combines androgynous and bohemian inspirations to her pieces, while still maintaining that modern and chic look.
Mary Katrantzou: Her designs involve a lot of meticulous details and fine craftsmanship
Elie Saab: His designs ooze exquisiteness and glamour.

Yejidee (5)

Yejidee (3)

Fashion Advice
Embrace your figure, choose clothes that flatter you, and learn to filter trends ruthlessly.

What do you think about Yejide’s style? Check her out on Instagram @yejide.erogbogbo.

You can also get featured if you think your style is hot enough, just shoot me a mail via [email protected] & let’s talk.

LoveandKisses from TANG.


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