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Style Crush- Ola Adewale


I hope we get another public holiday soon I’m getting addicted  LOL. I know I missed last month’s Style crush post and I’m sorry, the month just went really fast Sigh! My Style Crush this month is the delectable Ola Adewale a.k.a OlarSlim.

Do you have that one person you see on social media and you wish you could swap wardrobe with for like a year? Well apart from Rihanna, Ola is that person for me. Her style never ceases to amaze me and one major point is that she is nOT scared to wear colors, her outfits are always popping and what is better than a bold fashionista?

Ola had some fun things to say about her style & fashion in general.

Q: What is the one thing you won’t be caught wearing? Why?

A: I wont be caught wearing thigh high boots, that’s winter boots in Nigeria all in the name of fashion… LOL.
Q: Where and how frequently do you shop?
A: I shop almost everyday, I am an impulse shopper so if I see something I like I buy it there and then, except the price is too high, then I just ex it before I drink garri, I cant kill myself. LOL.
Q:What is the weirdest fashion item you own?
A: Err rm, the weirdest fashion item I own is ………………. I cant think of anything, sorry!
QWhat would you like to tell people about fashion & style that you feel they don’t get?
AOkay! this is a good one. People need to understand that you don’t have to be half naked to look sophisticated. Also, always wear clothes that are appropriate for the occasion, e.g. if you are going to the office, don’t dress like you are going to a club.
What do you think of her bold & colorful style? Please drop your comments guys & check her out on Instagram @olarslim.
P.S If you would like to get featured here just send me a mail via [email protected]
*My Church Style post on in case you missed it.
Have a blessed month ahead.
LoveandKisses from TANG.


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