Style Crush- Abisoye Shokunbi

Style Crush- Abisoye Shokunbi

Bisoye (16)

Can you believe the month is over already? What is chasing this year sef? LOL. I bet you think I forgot about August’s Style crush feature yeah? Okay I almost did *covers face* but here we are and I have this gorgeous lady as my crush this month.

If there is anything that stands out in Bisoye’s pictures, it’s definitely her smile, she is always smiling, even if you do not know her personally, you would feel her energy through her pictures. Her style is so ‘her’ you would know she owns it plus she is not scared to wear colors! Fun and witty, here’s a little about her.

Hi, my name is Shokunbi Abisoye. I currently work in a packaging company; Jacobs Canaan packaging limited.

What motivates your style?

To be honest, no one in particular. I think my late mum contributed to my fashion sense. Being an only child I was always with her and she was a very fashionable woman so I learnt a few things from her. She taught me to always look out for my comfort first. I strongly believe you don’t have to always break the bank to look good; I don’t have to wear a thousand-dollar top every single day to look good. I can slay in whatever I wear, so far I pair it well.

Describe your style.

My style is versatile. It changes from time to time, I can be lady-like chic today and go tomboy the next. Four words that describe my style though are; maturity, versatility, comfort and confidence.

Bisoye (7)

Bisoye (5)

Bisoye (10)

Bisoye (8)


Any style Icon?

I don’t have any.

Fun fact & weird fact about me

I am a big trouble maker and its so much fun for me * wide grin*. I talk to myself when I am alone and I LOVE to go to the cinemas ALONE.


My sister does the bulk of my shopping when she is in England or the states. If I see anything I like in any store online or in a boutique, I walk in and buy so far I can afford it. I am not particular about names and labels. If it is peng, I’ll have it please. Lol!

My little fashion advice

You should learn to accept your body shape/figure, love it and dress it appropriately. That exudes confidence! One more thing….. You don’t have to break the bank to look good or slay. We young ladies should also learn to be prudent in spending.

Bisoye (11)

Bisoye (12)

Bisoye (14)

Bisoye (9)

What do you think of her style? Check out her Instagram @beesoyei and Twitter @OloriAbisoye.

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Looking forward to September and I pray it would be a blessed month for us all.

Enjoy the rest of your week

LoveandKisses from TANG

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