Street Style- Dungarees

Street Style- Dungarees

Dungarees X Tush (6)

Another Friday, another post LOL. Hope your week was great people? This is aweekend/street style inspiration look. Hope you like it.

I know that whenever I say I’m going for a casual look, there are always many items involved because t-shirt and jeans alone won’t feel complete to me so I have stopped trying to simplify it and just go with flow instead.

This is the first time I’m styling this dungarees and I’m happy it’s not too short for me to wear around town so guess who has a new favorite piece? Paired with a crop top and plaid shirt with black shoes, I was honestly going for a casual look but see how it turned out LOL. I added the socks as an afterthought because the shoes felt weird without socks & then I told y’all I would be rocking more socks on the blog. Check out @MVP_MIC on Instagram guys, I got this TUSH cap as a promotional item and I even gave out some during my last giveaway when some people started asking me for it, the first single from his TUSH EP would be out next week.

I shot this in front of a secondary school just as they were closing and trust me I had the largest audience ever! One of the students insisted he had to take a shot with me and I should put him on the blog too. Shout-out to my girl Mabel for showing up.

Dungarees X Tush (11)

Dungarees X Tush (8)

Dungarees X Tush (10)

Dungarees X Tush (5)

Dungarees X Tush (12)

Dungarees X Tush (4)

Dungarees X Tush (9)

Dungarees X Tush (1)

Dungarees X Tush (3)

Dungarees X Tush (2)

What do you think of this look? How would you style your dungarees?

Do have a fantastic weekend!

Dungarees– Retro Addicts (@retro_addicts on Instagram)

Top– Mr Price

Shoes– Aldo

Plaid Shirt– Snatched from a friend



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