Street Style- Ankara X Denim

Street Style- Ankara X Denim

Holla Holla! (we popping bottles… errr okay no). I apologize for not being consistent like I promised but trust me, I’d be here more often.

It’s 3 days till my birthday and I’m lowkey getting into it, if you missed my birthday wishlist, check here and you can email me if you want to bless me with something from there LOL. Let’s talk about this outfit though.

Are you tired of hearing me proclaim my love for Ankara yet? Don’t be, I’d still say it, I really love our African prints. I broke the boredom (hi minimie chin-chin LOL) of my Ankara styles some time ago and I’ve been making literally everything with it. My mum keeps complaining that I make too much “pinipini” clothes (she means tiny and snugly clothes) with them and that’s why she doesn’t buy 6 yards for me, so I make do with the 2 yards left from hers or my dads’ and I’m not complaining.

Denim jackets are a must have if you’re a fashionista because they go on anything and that street style vibe they give is totally cool. I had this simple midi dress made in two days and I just know I’m going to make more. Paired with a pair of white sneakers and rose gold sunglasses, guess who was feeling like a street style star.


What do you think of denim jacket & Ankara mix? Please drop your comments, I’d love to hear from you.

P.S. I started a Youtube channel with some friends, please check our videos out and drop your reviews, be it bad or good just drop them!

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Outfit Details

DressCustom Made// Jacket The Thrift Store NG (Here)// Adidas SuperstarShugzandSpicewears (IG)// SunglassesHaute Signatures // Wig- MowaGlintStore (IG)// Choker- Accessoriesgasm (IG)

Happy International Women’s Day!!!

LoveandKisses from TANG

18 thoughts on “Street Style- Ankara X Denim

  1. Denim nd ankara are two of my fave fashion pieces, they make a wow statement nd u did a wow job with d ensemble, d sneakers added extra spice

  2. My mom complains too girl, she hates when I sew separate pieces too because according to her, I don’t dress well lol. But those free materials are the best, at least your small. I love how you paired it! It seems wearing jackets over the shoulder is s new thing, I’ll have to try that one of these days.
     Princess Audu 

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