Social Media Standards

Social Media Standards

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Hi guys! For a moment there, I felt like I was losing touch with my creativity, I think it’s because I have so many things on my mind right now and the guilt of pushing my blog to the back burner was creeping up on me, I almost took a long ass break but here I am, writing/typing again.

I am a social media person (you can follow me on Twitter: @wumituase & Instagram: @wumituase) and I usually find myself involved with discussions that come up, especially on Twitter and I can tell you that TwitterNG has some of the funniest discussions ever. It amazes me that a lot of people can have very diverse outlooks on various issues. Most times, people make a whole lot of sense when discussing these issues but at other times, you would be surprised at the responses some people give but I guess it’s all part of the fun.

Sometime ago, I read some disturbing tweets concerning what is expected from people in relationships. It’s funny really because even though some of the tweets are probably bants, a lot of people actually take their cues from what they see on social media and this can be very unhealthy in my own view. For instance, I tweet something about ‘if your boyfriend cheats on you, drop him like its hot and don’t look back’ but nobody knows if in reality I’ve actually forgiven my boyfriend 5 times and counting! So even though it’s highly hypocritical of me to tweet that, someone on my timeline would read and follow religiously.

So I was thinking of how most of us follow the standards set by social media in all aspects of our lives and mind you, these standards are set by people like you who are probably sitting in the comfort of their homes/offices and are just typing whatever comes to their head and who consider themselves unofficial authority in that field.

That is how most people take on a different attitude than their true ones. So because someone  says that ‘when you cry, it means you are weak’ you won’t cry because you are forming hard guy/girl not even considering the level of emotional pains you are putting yourself through. Or when someone that you do not even know says that your boyfriend ought to give you a particular amount of money every month, you start to put unreasonable demands on your struggling boyfriend when the person who shared that might even be the one sponsoring her boyfriends needs. Or when the “Yoruba demon’ trend started and you, that is a normal, nice Yoruba boy reads about the behavior that the supposed demons display, you start to adapt those same behaviors just so you can be exalted to the position of a Yoruba demon. Or when some of the ladies do not even know what feminism truly means but jump on the band wagon with highly unreasonable remarks even though they might not be able to take a stand on their own in reality.

I like social media, in fact I am probably guilty of setting some standards unconsciously too but would I be gullible enough to follow these standards without actually thinking them through first? Nope. I’m not saying some of them are not good, there are a lot of experienced people on social media that you can learn a lot from but you should not follow blindly, weigh the pros and cons and choose the ones that would still effect a good attitude on your life.

That said, I think I’m getting my groove back and thanks to Cassie for the inspiration to keep pushing. I have been lazy all week and my outfits have been really laid back, I’d share my week in pictures tomorrow so wait for it. What are your thoughts on Social Media Standards? Kindly share.


LoveandKisses from TANG


0 thoughts on “Social Media Standards

  1. totally agree with you. A lot of people these days live by this so called standards without even thinking twice all to keep up appearance or as we say “to belong”

  2. Social media is a platform whr pple air views n opinions…it is a window i use to catch a laff sometimes…to say some pple use dem as standards, is laughable…lol.
    Anyways…gud to av u bak.Dnt rest on ur oars.

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