Social Distancing- 5 Fun Things To Do At Home

Social Distancing- 5 Fun Things To Do At Home

Social distancing is the new reality and I hope we are all maintaining it. It has been a few weeks since we have been home and most parts of the world are currently locked down. Even though we are staying safe, as humans, we still need to carry out certain activities to keep ourselves sane. Here are 5 things I think will help keep us socially, mentally and physically active while social distancing.

Social distancing- Fun things to do while you stay at home

5 Fun Things To Do While Social Distancing

Social media

Of course I will start with this. Social media use is on the rise as that is the easiest way to connect with people while maintaining social distancing. This is the best time to have active social media accounts as  there is a lot of fun going down on different apps. Also, people are bored and have become more creative. There have been different challenges drummed up by people; #DontRushChallenge #BrushChallenge #BopDaddyChallenge that have people transforming and showing their styles. There is also TikTok that has trended more since the Coronavirus started, the content is hilarious and fun. I try to join in so you can follow me on TikTok too (@wumituase).

Recently, we have had music producers and artistes challenging each other to battles on Instagram Live. This one has finished my data though so if social media is your vice this period, you need a lot of internet data and good network service.

Netflix & Chill

Either you are locked in with your partner or not, Netflix is a good way to unwind this period. There are a lot of movies from different genre on Netflix so whatever you prefer, you are covered. Chill with your favorite snacks and drinks, make it a home cinema!

Group Work Out

We are already spending so much time social distancing physically from people, you can make up for it by joining some group chats with like-minded friends. If you are part of the Fit-Fam then this is the best time to get fit especially because the temptation of indulging in junk food can be a lot. There are apps that allow you challenge your friends to monthly work outs. You can hold each other accountable t help you stay motivated and focused. Let your bodies be banging after this.

Online Tutorial

This can be in either pictorial or video form. You do not need to be an influencer before you can teach your followers a skill you have. It will help everyone connect better while you create something you love. This is also a good opportunity to put yourself out there, I believe everyone is creative and we just need that extra push. You can do a quick food tutorial, DIY (do it yourself) projects like home decor or a style video like this one I posted on my Instagram. Just make it fun you can challenge your friends to do the same.

Curate & Share A List

Many of us are whiling away time with either movies, books or music. You can curate a list of your favorite songs, movies or books at the moment and share with your friends. For music, I know Apple music lets you do this and share a link, so I think others should as well. A good side to this is that you can connect with a larger community out there. It will help you discover new artistes, authors or movies and spark conversations around them

You Are Not Alone

When I wrote my last post, I was celebrating life and looking forward to my best year yet. I had a lot of plans for both my store and personal brand. I would like to keep this post positive so I believe we will beat the Coronavirus and life would go back to normal soon.

All these tips are for us to beat the boredom and gloominess that comes with the lock down and social distancing. Don’t stay in your head too much, reach out to people and have fun because you are definitely not alone.

If you have other tips, please drop in the comment so we can all learn from each other.

Wash your hands regularly, sanitize, stay home and stay safe.

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“It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”- Deuteronomy 31vs8

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