Review- Faux Locs & The Hair Center

Review- Faux Locs & The Hair Center

Ramadan Mubarak to my Muslim people and I hope you are all well. I recently changed my hairstyle from the normal weave-fixing, wigs & kinky braids to faux locs and boy do I have a story to tell!

Faux Locs Review

I have been hearing/seeing faux locs for a while now and some of my friends told me it’s a perfect substitute to braids especially for naturalistas like me so I thought why not? I was told that it’s a bit costly to make & can be heavy on the head so I used Brazilian wool. From experience, the wool is actually light weight and super affordable too. After searching for a good place to make it, I asked a fellow naturalista (she’s a naturalista herself) and she told me to come make it at her salon.


  1. The hair took  8 hours to make (yeah my little butt froze at the end). It takes a long process of braiding with attachment first before they start wrapping each braid with wool. Also I did the black and grey ombre so it took a longer time.
  2. I could not sleep well for two days (or more). For real! I had a stiff neck after the first night because I found a comfortable spot on my pillow and I stayed there.
  3. It’s actually a bit costly so if you are looking for low-priced hairstyle, this is not your choice. On the good side, it is low maintenance and will last awhile so no hair costs for sometime .
  4. If you are to make it with Brazilian wool or any wool, make the tips equal. I’m learning this the hard way because the burnt tips of the longer ones are pulling out those of the shorter ones. I’m going to ask my mum to cut them equal for me.
  5. It’s beautiful to carry. I’ve been enjoying the hair even with my natural face and depending on the styling, it can look glamorous or simple.
  6. Would I advise you make it? Yes. (You can tell them to leave out the front of your hair a bit if yours isn’t that long like mine so it won’t come off).


hair (6)

hair (7)

hair (5)

The Hair Center Review

Hair center (2)

I made my hair at The Hair Center and I was totally satisfied because I was ready to tell them “I’m not telling my readers to come here” if it was anything less than satisfactory. They are very good with natural hair and that was the attraction for me.

Hair center (1)

  1. The environment is really neat and conducive, I even ate there.
  2. The stylists are very friendly, not too chatty (they don’t speak on your head) and take corrections well.
  3. They take their time and do not give any customer preference over another although, I’d advise you book an appointment to secure a space on your desired day.
  4. Customer service is excellent and they have a good playlist too (The manager is a Disc Jockey and she has really cool songs)
  5. Their prices are averagely-priced and for the services rendered, they are very okay.
  6. Would I advise you to patronize them? Yes.


Location: Shop 6a, 1st floor, Hussey Plaza, Hussey Street, Waec bus-stop, Jibowu, Lagos. Phone number: 08094684989

Total Price

  1. Brazilian wool (6 pieces at 250 naira)- N1500
  2. Hair Making- N7000

The other time I used Brazilian wool here, here and here

LoveandKisses from TANG


11 thoughts on “Review- Faux Locs & The Hair Center

  1. Thank you so much for the kind review. We’re glad you were pleased with the results. I must also say that we’ve found a faster way to get it done in about 4 hours.
    Please visit us again, you’re always welcome.

  2. i had my faux locs made last week as well using brazillian wool. It suits me and i’ve been getting compliments everywhere. But it has to be the most painful hair i’ve done in my life. Jesuuuuusss! the pain was there for like 2 days. I wish i made mine longer. I love the length you have on Wunmi. its cute

    Mine did not take that long tho. I spent like 3 hours 30 minutes and it was just my awesome braider, Josephine that handled it. you really tried, there’s no way i’m sitting down for 8 hours for hair, for what nau. lol. plus my baby will make that impossible sef. it cost me like half of that amount to make it. But i guess you had to pay for the ambience. I had mine done on the balcony of my house with the occasional mosquito here and there. Lol

    Dealing with Pre-menstrual syndrome

    1. LOL your comment cracked me up for real! They told me that they have found a way to make it in 4hrs but nothing can be done about that pain though! At least the hair is fine that’s the point. Thanks for stopping by Nelo & my love to your baby. Don’t be a stranger!

  3. I’ve been having second thoughts about this hair cos it’s a bit expensive and me and expensive have not been compatible… If you know what I mean… But it’s something I’d like to do come 2018. But you’ve inspired me. It’s looks so good on you and if you could survive the discomfort, then so can I…

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