7 Things You Should Do To Revamp Your Wardrobe

Print Clash Nigerian Style Blogger Cassie Daves Revamp Your Wardrobe Wumi Tuase

It’s past the middle of the year and you are bored of your clothes. You feel like your style has been the same thing since the beginning of the year. Here’s what you need to do! Revamp your wardrobe and get a fresh or spiced up style.

Wardrobe Swap

Swap some items with your stylish friends. It will put a twist in your wardrobe without spending any extra money. If you have friends who are almost of the same size then that’s even better. Switch, swap, exchange and you’ve got yourself a ton of new pieces.


Take a day off and sort through items you don’t really wear but are still in very good condition. There are a lot of de-clutter stores online right now including mine Thrift Store NG. You get to sell these items and get extra cash to buy new pieces. You can also work exchange with some of the stores, use your cash credit to buy something from them. De-cluttering will help you achieve two goals; Clean out your closet/help you stop hoarding & Get new pieces to refresh your style.

Nigerian Blogger Demi Akin DIY Revamp Your Wardrobe Wumi Tuase

Get Creative- DIYs & Re-rocking

Like Style & DIY Blogger Demi Akin revamps her clothes, you can too. Transform an old dress with a pretty print to a two-piece, old skirt into culottes etc. There’s so many possibilities and if you don’t have time, take them to your local tailor, they are good with that kind of stuff. You can do it to your bags too, the way  I transformed my black box bag to a waist bag in just 10 minutes. Also think of how many ways you can style a particular clothing item.

Print clash

This always works if you’re bold enough. Cassie has this down pat so you can check her blog & see how she pulls the mixed print trend off. You can also try print clash with Ankara with other prints. Vertical stripes on Horizontal stripes, polka dots on floral prints etc. The possibilities are endless once you can get it right.

Print Clash Nigerian Style Blogger Cassie Daves Revamp Your Wardrobe Wumi Tuase

Instagram Inspiration

The explore page brings funny videos and creative ones too. You can also just search with hashtags and you’ll be amazed at what you can do with your clothes. From videos showing you how to style one item in 5 different ways to where you can get very affordable items. Most fashion magazines also have active Instagram pages where they drop style tips so you can follow them too.

Talk to fashion girls

Well you can always talk to me. There are so many ways you probably haven’t thought about styling a piece. Bouncing ideas off someone helps. I know a lot of style bloggers/influencers look like they are snobbish but that’s not always the case. Reach out, be polite (like you’d want others to be when talking to you) and ask your questions. It’s part of what we do and I’m sure most of us would be happy to help. If one person ignores you then guess what, there are so many style bloggers in the world, on to the next one ‘plis dear’.

Have fun

That’s the essence of fashion isn’t it? Play around with your clothes till it starts to get more exciting and less boring. You wardrobe should have enough spice to make you want to actually dress up. Like I always say, you don’t need a million bucks to look like a million bucks. All you need are the right tips and you are set to revamp your wardrobe. LOL!

Style Blogger Wumi Tuase Revamp Your Wardrobe

Do you have other tips on you revamp your wardrobe? Drop them let’s all learn.

P.S To get the full details of my Ankara outfit in the photo above, read my new post on Kamdora.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”- Philippians 4vs13

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  1. Nice post….can I sell my clothes on your page? Maybe clothes I no longer wear

  2. oluwagbemiga says:

    Amazingly beautiful..

    1. wumituase says:

      Thank you!

  3. All points valid….by the way, nice dress.

    1. wumituase says:

      Thank you darling.

  4. Ifunanya says:

    I really should get started with the declustering, I’m at such an unmotivated point in my life where I just pick the first thing and rewear it till it starts to beg 😩
    Nice post….xxx

    1. wumituase says:

      You need to revamp girl! Let me know how it goes.

  5. Great tips! Print clashing and DIYing are my favorite tips!

    1. wumituase says:

      Thanks darling. Glad you love it.

  6. (Chanting to self) I WILL declutter my wardrobe these holidays! In fact let me go and buy ghana must go to ensure I properly sort out the clothes and REMOVE them from my wardrobe! I’m so sick of having so many items yet nothing to wear! This is a really good post, quite helpful. Will try and apply these tips to my real life!

    1. wumituase says:

      Hahaha Amaka! Thank you for reading hun. Just do it!

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