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That is what I get for taking pictures on the streets without settling the area boys, they sent the wind after me LOL. How are you guys doing? Excited about the weekend yet?


I need to really work on this procrastinating spirit, I mean it’s too early in the year for it to start attacking me. I should have posted this since Tuesday I just don’t know what happened but at least I didn’t push it till next week, which is an improvement from last year really (covers face in shame… almost).

Despite the wind almost spoiling my market LOL, I had fun with this outfit. I am usually very scared of wearing short skirts on Lagos roads without a ride (when I can get one) but I have decided that showing off your legs sometimes is not a crime, actually, I felt really good but you have to be careful of the wind ooo LOL. I had passersby shouting when the skirt went up, I laughed so hard!

Going super casual for the weekend is like a breath of fresh air honestly, after all the corporate work outfits during the week. Most times I just go with jeans especially if I am wearing a crop top but I decided to try a skirt this time. Both the top and skirt are very free and I was glad for that because of the crazy heat that just came from nowhere this January.

I like the handkerchief cut of the top and I would not normally wear a spaghetti top out but I could not find a way to cover it up and I ended up liking the overall look, pairing something else would have been too stressful abeg.

Paired with brown brogues and my Burberry bucket bag, I think I have a new favorite casual outfit and my friend Cynthia kept my behind the scenes pictures live (thanks sugarlee). I paired the shoes and bag with my first double denim look here also.










Crop Top & Skirt: Thrifted

Shoes: Divided

Bucket bag: Burberry

Earrings & Sunglasses: Chezjumelle

What are your plans for the weekend? Please share.

LoveandKisses from TANG

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