Plaid X Pleats

Plaid X Pleats

Holla Holla! How’s your weekend going? This post was to be up yesterday but I just couldn’t get myself to write anything. I keep getting distracted and I’ve been out of sorts lately.


You all know the love I have for plaid shirts and I’m always looking for new ways to rock the few I have. This particular one in red and blue is one of my favorites and it’s the one I wear when the weather is a bit cool too because of the wool material.

Also, it has this white faux fur detail at the upper back and sleeves area which makes it look really cool. I paired it with a top and jeggings here remember?

I was thinking of how much blue makes an appearance in my wardrobe and decided to go rock the shirt with dark shades of blue. I’ve had this pleated skirt for a while now and it seems to be getting shorter by the day (I’m not complaining though) and I love the way it fits at the top then takes the A-line as it goes down. Paired it with navy blue sneakers by Atmosphere, for the playful air I wanted to project.

Black bucket bag because a handbag didn’t seem to do justice to the look and black hat because you already know I’m a hat kinda girl ?

Complete with knee-high socks and I think I could pass for a Korean high school student yeah? (All of you who watch Korean series would know what I mean LOL!)

I wore my other favorite plaid shirt differently here with dungarees, just in case you want to try yours in another style.

This outfit more or less describes a large part of my style; fun, a little flirty and a touch of seriousness. Basically if an outfit isn’t fun for me then I won’t rock it. LOL.

What’s the best way you’ve rocked your plaid shirt? I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for the positive reviews I got from my last Style Story post here, I’d certainly bring more men your way, literally LOL!

Have a great week ahead.

LoveandKisses from TANG.






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