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Pink Halter Dress


Compliments of the season! Hope your celebrations are going well? Still in the spirit of the season, here is another party-inspired look and I hope you like it.

If you have been following my style for a while, you’d know I’m not into the full girly stuff but this pink cocktail dress was a gift and I liked the necklace detail so I could not wait to share it with you all. In a weird way though, I love how feminine this look is, it’s bright, flirty and fun so yes I could ignore the whole pink think… a little. When I saw this white shoes in my friend’s wardrobe (the one I usually borrow/steal shoes from), I knew I was going to style it with something bright so when I got the dress, there was no other option in my head. Paired with my mum’s silver clutch from this post and gold cuff, it turned out to be a simple, fun and sophisticated party look.







What do you think? I always love to hear from y’all so thank you for always dropping your comments.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays (I’m working till Friday though)

LoveandKisses from TANG.

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  1. The dress is beautiful and sorry about having to work till Friday. Aishhh! That’s sad. I wish I had friends I could still/borrow from.

    1. Happy new year dear! Lol I’m lucky to have one that doesn’t mind.

  2. Chai! This girl will not let us rest ooo. lol I love the pop of colour its such a fun and sexy look. Knowing me I would wear this to a party because its a bold look and I like to stand out in style. Hope you are enjoying the remaining days in 2016. x

    1. LOL Steph! I’m steady following your footsteps ooo & I know you’d rock the hell outta this. Happy new year dear.

  3. You look divine in this dress Wumi and it suits your skin tone.


    1. Thank you Benita, Happy new year dear!

    1. Thank you dear.

  4. Hmmmm
    I love it as long as its pink
    lovely look

    1. All ye Pink lovers though LOL. Thank you & Happy new year dear!

  5. So i made a similar hairstyle afta envying ur own lol. D dress looks really great on you.

    1. Really? Oya send me pictures ooo let me see or tag me on Instagram if you posted it. Thank you Jolaade & Happy new year.

  6. Wumi why so foine?? ?. This is lovely definitely something I’m wearing to a parrrryy ? ✨

    1. LOL Thank you hunny!

  7. This colour looks amazing on you – love it!

    1. Thank you Kemi!

  8. This dress is soooooooooooo gorgeous… Damn!! And you’re killing it. You look so perfect in that dress. The dress is so versatile also. You can wear it for a party, wedding, dinner. It beautiful.

    Compliments of the season
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    Fashion | Lifestyle | Everything In Between

    1. Hey Tega! Thank you for the kind words, Yes the dress is so versatile so what’s not to love? Happy new year dear!

  9. Pls let me borrow the dress too. It’s so nice

    1. LOL Come get it love.

  10. Your skin is popping in that pink.. Nice dress, love the purse ❤❤

    1. Thank you Baby, Happy new year dear!

  11. Everything about your pictures here just syncs. The pink, green and your melanin. You are really popping girl. The dressy is too pretty. Love the shade of pink too… Hot pink!

    Do check out

    1. Hey Shona! Thank you so much. Happy New Year Dear!

  12. I think that the pink halter is really nice. And yes to white courts, all day, everyday.

    1. Yasss to white courts girl! Thank you Bee.

  13. I actually do not like pink bit I just love the way it pops in contrast to your dark skin.
    The dress is beautiful ❤❤

    1. I found a partner! LOL Thank you Fola.

  14. Shey you will dash me the dress and the shoe too. ??

    1. The dress Yes but the real owner of the shoe won’t let me dash you LOL. Thank you Seyi.

  15. This pink color suits you a little too much! Lol

    1. MJ and flattery though LOL. Thank you & Happy new year.

      1. Happy New year 🙂

  16. Hottie! love the dress but I love your dimples more

  17. […] came to mind. I already had the idea of shooting an alternative wedding guest look like I have done before on the blog and this blue dress has been on my mind so shoot day came and I saw MJ with a blue […]

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