Pattern & White Show

It’s Friyaaay! Hey people, how are you guys doing? My week was pretty much laid back and I’m in a stress-free zone LOL.

I’ve been loving white recently even though I’m very terrible at maintaining it (I play too much) but that color has suddenly become attractive to me.

I wore my red plaid shirt with white denim yesterday and I think I managed it well so I decided to try out another white today ?



This long sleeved white blouse is a multi-purpose one and I’m so glad I bought it. Like the black top, it can be worn on anything only that I personally feel that white is much classier than black (Open to arguments LOL) so anything I have in white is sacred.


I have not decided on what name to call this trousers because it has a lot of styles in it; feels like a palazzo with capri cut and suspenders… Sigh… Suggestions please?? But I love it. The almost-grid-like pattern does so much that I don’t have to think about too much accessories.

The hat lady.

I don’t think I can do without hats, I mean, the way a single hat transforms an outfit is just awesome. This hat pushed the outfit from basic to an I-go-all-out look. I think I need to go hat shopping again ?

Shoes; Choices

I had to try the outfit with both flats and heels and I think it worked well for both so if I have to tone it up, I’d put on the heels and if it’s a laid back look I want then I’d stick to flats.


Next time I would add colour to this outfit (yeah I’m a repeat offender, sue me).

Have a fabulous weekend y’all

LoveandKisses from TANG

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