Fashion Style

Make Casual Look Awesome 

TGIF!!!!!!!! Okay I have been feeling super guilty for not posting anything all week, I’ve had a really long week, I’m sorry guys but hey, TGIF! Most times I just like the casual look; t-shirt, skirt/pants, sneakers and a hat …

Fashion Style

Ankara Two-piece

Bag||Hermes. Shoes||Atmosphere It’s basically been about two-pieces for me lately with Ankara fabrics.

Fashion Style

Plaid X Dungarees 

Hey it’s Friday! A rainy one though but it’s still Friday!!! How has your week been? I’d really like to know. Mine has been peaceful, both at work and home. (Possibly because my boss did not show this week so …

Diary Relationship

Love, Life and everything in between 

Why do things have to be so complicated? Especially feelings. I have never understood the rules of dating or relationships, I just more or less go with the flow, but even the flow stops flowing sometimes. I see relationships everyday …

Fashion Style WCW

Woman Crush Wednesday 

I have more Women crush than men and it’s because women are more daring when it comes to fashion or so I think, I am sure there would be arguments to this point. Men have been more aggressive with their …


Life and it’s many turns

Sometimes, I think of all the plans we make for our lives and how we are so sure that they would work. Not to be a pessimist but do we really have back up plans? What if those plans go …

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