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Birthday Post- A Year Of thanksgiving

Birthday post thaknsgiving wumi tuase birthday girl drinking wine

The obligatory birthday post this year will be brief because I am overwhelmed with love and all I want to do is give thanks to God.

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How To Style A Midi Plaid skirt- Simple & Chic

How to style a plaid skirt and bodysuit fashion blogger neutrals styling

It is quite easy to identify the plaid skirt with school uniforms but it is a very gorgeous piece especially when styled in a mature way.

Fashion Style

Outfit Inspiration- Valentine’s Day & Night

Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration day and night fashion blogger Wumi Tuase

Different outfit inspiration for Valentine’s Day have been flying all over the fashion world since the beginning of this month and who am I not to give my lovely readers a post as well?


Ankara Jumpsuit- Afrocentric Fashion

Style blogger Wumi Tuase Ankara jumpsuit utility jumpsuit afrocentric fashion

Hi Loves, I got this Ankara jumpsuit and it embodies everything I love about Afrocentric fashion. Afrocentric fashion has always been a favorite of mine and if you have followed this blog for some years, you would see how often …

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New Year- 4 Tips on Smashing Your Goals

new year goals all white outfit Wumi 'Tuase

Happy New Year loves. For me, I have pretty much the same goals this New Year. Maybe it’s because my goals have always been long term so achieving them is a lot of steps. This new year though, we smash …


Themed Parties- Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

Themed parties holiday party outfit ideas

Themed parties are very common this season especially with offices doing their end of the year parties or people just hosting them generally.

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