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How To Pack Light For Travel- A Fashion Girl’s Guide

How to pack light for travel Jansport Wumi Tuase

The key to pack light for travel is versatile clothing that requires low-maintenance. If you are a fashion girl, you don’t need to take half your wardrobe with you. I’m terrible at packing but I’ve been learning so I have some tips that should help.

Remember I said I’ll like to activate my inner wakajube this year? Well I haven’t actually started because I barely even have a full day to myself. I can however, live through the pictures of those of you that like are able to travel. However, you should always pack light especially if it’s a short trip.

How to pack light for travel Fashion Girl's Guide Nigerian Fashion Blogger Wumi Tuase Jansport Backpack

Firstly, you should leave out some toiletries. I want to believe that you can purchase mini sizes of everything from your body wash, sunscreen etc. Anyone that you can’t do without should easily fit in an inner compartment of your bag.

I believe everything you need for a trip no matter the duration, should be able to be packed in a backpack. Backpacks are trendy right now and it won’t hurt if they are as cute as they are durable. They also help you pack light because I’m sure you don’t want the weight of the world on your shoulders LOL.

To get some of the coolest backpacks in Nigeria like this Jansport backpack with the super cute colors and patterns, click the highlighted text. They can also double as Laptop Backpack.

How to pack light for travel Fashion Girl's Guide Nigerian Fashion Blogger Wumi Tuase Jansport Backpack

Few tips on packing clothes

Wear your bulkiest cloth to travel, could be a thick coat/jacket.

An easy way to start is to choose a color combination you’d like to wear throughout. Could be a mix of bright colors if you want that or nudes. Pack only pieces that fit the color(s) you’ve chosen so it will be easy to mix & match. You will also find it easier to layer and create different looks from those few pieces.

You have to consider some of these when it comes to what you pack;


Thickness: Depends on what season you are traveling. Maybe a jacket or two in case it gets chilly at night.

Weight: Whatever you pick has to be light weight. I mean, we are talking about packing light LOL.

Wrinkles: Consider the ones that don’t wrinkle easily or can easily be shook out and worn.


If possible, stick to two/three pairs of shoes. One versatile heels, sneakers (that you should probably wear while in transit) and flats to wear during the day.

How to pack light for travel Fashion Girl's Guide Nigerian Fashion Blogger Wumi Tuase Jansport Backpack

Lay out everything you want to take and I’m pretty sure in one eye-sweep, you already know those that tingle in your mind with doubt. Also, it will be easier to see what top can match more than one bottom piece & vice-versa.

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If you could pick anywhere right now to travel to, what’s your first choice?

Cheers to the weekend!

LoveandKisses from TANG

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