Owambe- The Urban Way

Owambe- The Urban Way


Hey everyone, how has your week been? Thank God It’s Friday! Can I see your hands up if you are rocking an Owambe party this weekend?

I wore this dress to an Owambe on a weekday, yes a weekday (you know we Yoruba people do it anyhow we want LOL) and I did not even remember there was work the following day!

My family friend had a birthday party and his daughter (Jumoke) who is my close friend, picked this material for all her friends to wear. After thinking about what to sew and with my mum constantly on my neck to make a ‘Mature’ dress ( I think she meant those long dresses that rock Owambe parties), I decided to make what I would be comfortable with and also what I can wear in a versatile way. I came up with this style while doodling on my jotter at work and I was skeptical that my dressmaker would get it but she surprised me and I totally love it.

I already did a photo-shoot with the dress for Replica.ng (they hook customers up with perfect replicas of styles that they post on their page, check them out @replica.ng on Instagram) before the event hence the other set of pictures with my natural hair. For the party though, I went with the chosen color of Coral and tied the gele myself hehehe.I had fun as I got to see old friends and my other close friends that do not stay in Lagos (Hey Aanu and Bolaji).

What do you think of the dress? And if you like it, do not forget to holla at Replica.ng on Instagram.







Enjoy your weekend people.

LoveandKisses from TANG.


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