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Outfit-Weekend wear Inspiration


Hey people! Happy Easter in Advance. I cannot believe how fast the week flew and I hope the long weekend doesn’t go just as fast. You can feel my excitement yes? Four full days of nothing but rest *dancing shoki to the house*

So I am guessing the plans have started rolling out for the celebrations, I am certainly anticipating all the yummy foods that would come my way (covers face).

Well, here is a simple and easy outfit inspiration for your quick runs or casual hangout this season. I totally forgot I shot this outfit during my Street-style shoot (check them out here, here and here) until I was looking for what to wear to my mall hangout with Grace and Oluchi on Saturday, if you missed that post check here. I realized that 90% of the time, I prefer to pair my sneakers with either skirts or dresses rather than pants.

I cannot say why exactly but I find it refreshing than putting on basic flat shoes/sandals on skirts and dresses. I like this outfit because even without the jacket, it still achieves that same cool look I was hoping to project. This is a normal casual day outfit for me and you would probably catch me in something similar to this on weekends.








Dress- Thrifted

Jacket- My Tailor (LOL)

Bag- Nine West

Shoes- All Stars

Cheers to the long weekend guys and I wish you a joyful celebration!

LoveandKisses from TANG


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  1. Olaitan says:

    Ahan.. You look really good. I love the outfit. Simple and chic.

    1. Thank you Laitan.

  2. Slay queen. Love the look. As for the jacket *rubs chin*

    Tips on paring jewelry with different necklines

    1. Lol I know what you’re thinking this babe. Thanks darling.

  3. belz says:

    looking good….did anyone see those guys staring or is it just my eye?

    1. Thank you dear. Not just your eyes ooo, they were actually staring LOL

  4. You are stunning! I love your outfit from head to toe, the shoes were a nice touch to casual it up 🙂

    1. I like that phrase ‘casual it up’ LOL. Thank you dear.

  5. lovely!! The athleisure trend looks dope on you!!

    1. I learned a new word! ‘athleisure’ hehehe. Thank you Ursula.

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