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Hi guys! It’s a new week yay! (Inserts fake grin) LOL. So this post is for two of my readers/friends: Dammy & Obara, they saw the outfit on snap chat this morning and insisted I post it on the blog so  I had to go take more pictures to grant their wish.

Remember my over-sized red jacket from one of my Christmas posts last year, check it out here ICYMI, well I haven’t been wearing it much because even though I love to re-rock my clothes, this is one that would be too obvious if I rocked it every time so this is like the second time I’m wearing it this year.

The rain beat me yesterday and I carried over the cold till today, looking for an outfit that would suit Monday and also keep me warm was the goal. I paired the jacket with my animal print shirt from this post which is one of my oldest shirts & my black midi skirt (to be honest I think I wear this skirt every two weeks LOL).

After seeing the socks trend on some of my favorite bloggers, I decided to experiment with it & in the process, keep my legs warm. I like the outcome and let me just tell you now, you’re going to be seeing me on socks a lot from now on! I think it just changed the whole outlook of my outfit and I got a lot of positive comments from customers in my office today & even from my colleagues so I guess I’m officially a team ‘socks on heels’ girl now.

My leopard heels from Konga completed the look for me & I was ready to take on Monday like a champion lol.

What do you think of the socks trend & how would you wear yours? Do let me know.

Enjoy your week guys & Cheers to friends who support your passion.

LoveandKisses from TANG.

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  1. Wow wumi you re 2 much always on point. Believe me one day the whole world will celebrate you 9ic one here

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