Outfit- Flare pants X Mullet top


January is almost over and I am super-duper excited! It seemed like the month was not going to end and then what’s with the cold that came back all of a sudden eh? Well, February in a bit and let’s talk about this outfit.

I have always been about incorporating all types of styles together and when you look at the flare pants, which has been in vogue since last year, they are mostly paired with corporate shirts or denim tops. I never thought this jeans would look good on me but I got it as a gift from a colleague and I had to try it. Since I am just getting to like the style of the pants I decided to pair it with something I really like and so I picked this cream-coloured high-low top.

I was going to add some colour to the outfit by tying my red bandana on my neck but I forgot it at home while going to shoot (I really need to cultivate a better planning habit this year) so I just went with my nude shoes and hat (I am not sure what colour it is, help me please LOL) and I think my hair and lips added the necessary colour though so I was satisfied.

I like that this look is so easy to combine and can actually fit into a lot of places, a colleague of mine even mentioned that she could remove the hat and throw on a blazer without even tucking in the shirt and I could imagine that looking so cool too! As you can see, I have a new favorite pair of sunglasses and you guys are probably tired of seeing it but it adds this edge to any outfit that it is difficult to just skip it LOL. My friend (Cynthia), was carrying this bag when she came to meet me and suggested I use it since it matched my shoes and top, I totally loved it too.

I took some of the pictures in front of the estate at Herbert Macaulay where I changed (see last picture for my ‘I got caught changing outside’ look hahaha). I had to block the security man from seeing my photographer because he had come to chase us about three times and we said we were not taking pictures, just changing LOL.

I have one more post coming from my Yaba street shots and I think it is my favorite. Coming soon guys!










What do you think of this outfit and how would you rock your own flare pants?

Photocredit- Ckknightphoto

Top- Gifted

Pants- Gifted

Shoes- Atmosphere

Bag- Borrowed

Lipstain- Beyond Beauty matte

Hair- Brazilian wool made into twists.

LoveandKisses from TANG

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