OOTD Inspiration 

Shirt&Shoes||Divided by H&M. Denim&Bag|| Vintage

Morning everyone!

I am so tired of this unpredictable weather but it’s alright, a little rain never hurt anyone yeah? LOL

The weekend is almost here and this is a simple outfit inspiration for your weekend hangouts. You can pair heels with yours depending on the event.

Animal prints do a lot in your wardrobe and I believe everyone should have at least one item in prints. It can dress your whole outfit up and you won’t even be needing a lot of extra glam because it’s very busy on its own.

One thing I’m always careful about is mixing too many prints, with floral prints you can be adventurous but not so much with animal prints, it can be hard to find a balance so if they aren’t the same pattern of prints, you might end up looking like an actual animal (just kidding).

Naturally, fashionistas always want to go the extra mile but personally, instead of finding matching prints, I’d rather go for colours that can spice the animal print up. Most times, I pick the colour Red and try not to let the colour steal the spotlight from the print.

In this case, my handbag did the colour pop for me and I kept it minimal by picking my brown brogues so even if you notice the shoes, you automatically notice the shirt too as they complement each other.

Denim always works, I cannot emphasize that enough and it’s a life saver, always coming to my rescue when I’m at a loss LOL. In this case, the denim trousers turned up per usual, gave a break from full corporate to corporate-casual or just casual depending on what way you look at it.

I only tucked in the front of the shirt, a style that crept into my consciousness since Secondary school and refused to leave. I like the playful air it gives too.


Have a fabulous weekend!
LoveandKisses from TANG.

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  1. The bag is beautiful and about that color pop,the red did magic….and your shoes are lovely.I have all thing everything in animal prints shoes bags etc!I guess I love it without even knowing!

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